Fun Friday!

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! Yay! Look what just came for me from the library!
 The 3rd Hex Hall book!!!! Guess what will be the first book I read for the read-a-thon?!!! I'm so excited!

Some Winners! -
The winner of the book - "Intangible" is - RJB
The winners of the bookmarks and tattoos are -  Maryanne, Vivien, and Sarah from Workaday Reads
And the winner of the book - "Forbidden Mind" is - Susan D
Winner of the book - "Forbidden Fire" is - Rachel
Winner of the book - "A Healing Heart" is - Christina
And winner of the book "Fat is the New 30" is - Anne

Congratulations everyone!

 Its the day before the Read-a-thon!
This time tomorrow (8:00 Saturday!) - I'll be sitting down ready to read for the next 24 hours.

If you are doing the RAT let me know in a comment so I can add you to my bookmarks so I can visit you to see how you are doing.

Once again this year I have a $10.00 B&N gift card to give to the person who comments the most during the read-a-thon. So, starting Saturday morning at 8:00 through 8:00 Sunday ~ comment as much as you can and at the end I will tally everyone up.

During the Rat I'll be posting either every hour or every other hour. So make sure to come visit me!
My daughter will be doing the whole thing with me so spread some love to her too - Fictionista

*** There is another Mother Daughter team this year! - Alexis and her Mom from - Reflections of a Bookaholic. Yay! Go Alexis and Mom! Us Mother/Daughter teams have to stick together!

Here's my reading list -

 "A Window to the World" by Susan Meisner (she also wrote "The Shape of Mercy" about the Salem Witch Trials, which I loved!)
"Teenie" by Christopher Grant (Theis was recommended by a couple different people)
"Dangerous Neighbors" by Beth Kephart (Also wrote "You are mt Only" which I loved!)
"House of Dance" by Beth Kephart also
"The Fault in our Stars" by John Green (Also wrote "Looking for Alaska" which just may be the best YA book ever!)
"Same Difference" by Siobhan Vivian (not sure why I got this book? I think I just saw a review for it?)
"The Ghost and the Goth" by Stacey Kade
"Queen of the Dead" also by Stacey Kade (I have been wanting to read these!)
"Devilish" by Maureen Johnson (Also wrote The Little Blue Envelope books which I loved!!!)
And then 5 "Dear America" books which I have always loved! They are quick reading and very interesting! And they fit my love for Historical Fiction.
Plus also the Hex Hall book - "Spell Bound" which I will be reading first! If I can wait that long!

That seems like a lot of books! Well I won't be reading all of them silly! It just nice to have choices. I never know what I will feel like reading so I will pick one from the stacks that looks good to me.
The ones that I really want to read are - Spell Bound, One of the Dear America books is about the Salem Witch trials, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Ghost and the Goth. So those are probably the ones I will be choosing first, but you never know!
I also have a few books on my nook that I may switch to.

My snack list -

~ 3 different kinds of Sushi (they make it fresh at Wegmans!)
~ Veggies and Ranch dip (which I will prepare tonight, get them all on a platter, cover and put in the frig.)
~ Trail mix
~Cheese and crackers (not shown, I will also prepare this tonight - cut up the cheese, cover, and put in the frig)
~ Apples
My daughter and I have both been dieting, so we chose all healthy foods! Notice no M&Ms this time! Darn it!

To drink - Home made Iced tea, Iced coffee, Juices, and hot coffee

Don't forget to start commenting Sat. 8:00am - the person with the most comments (real comments!) through 8:00am Sun. will win a $10. B&N gift card!


  1. Looks like you will have an amazing readathon this time around. And that sushi looks wonderful! Enjoy yourself and have a great time reading all those awesome books!

  2. Congrats to the winners :)

    I would recommend taking The Fault in Our Stars off of your RAT list! I haven't read it but I've heard it's a bit of a heavier read.

    I have Ghost & a Goth, maybe I'll add it to my list.

    Your snacks looks ucky! LOL! Well except for the carrots and rance, that I could to.

    1. ranch*

      I wish you could edit your posts!

    2. Yes! I wish you could edit post too! I always make mistakes in min!

      Wait... what do you mean yucky??? You just don't appreciate healthy food! LOL

    3. LOL mine* see! and I did not do that on purpose just to make you feel better!

    4. Haha, SURE you did it on purpose **winks**

  3. Thank you for choosing TEENIE as part of the read-a-thon. Enjoy!

    Christopher Grant


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! Are you not doing it this year?

  5. Hmm, I thought I commented before but it didn't work. The food looks yummy and you have inspired me to get some as well. Good luck on the reading. I love that you do it with your daughter. I read with my husband and best friend for the read-a-thon. Happy Reading!

  6. You go girl. You're a marathon camp. LOVE the healthy food choices.

  7. I definitely used your snack list and went shopping :) Thanks for the shout out. We have tons of food because dad and brother have already said that they plan on eating. They aren't even going to read. Pooey! Oh and I love your book list. Gotta keep your options open.