Family & Friends Interview #4

Today's interview is with my niece Casey. She is the youngest daughter of my sister. She is also only 2 years older than my own daughter, they kind of grew up together. Casey is a very sweet girl. She now lives in CT but grew up here in NY about 45 min. from my house. I don't get to see her much these days, a few times a year.

I love this picture of Casey and my daughter together!

Heeere's Casey -

How long have you lived in your area?
I've lived in CT for a little over 7 years now, but only having lived in my town for two.

What are the best things about living there and what are the worst?
One of the best things about living in CT is all of the available entertainment. For example, on a boring day I can hop on a train and go to NYC for the day and return, I could go to Boston or springfield, or Mystic. There are plenty of things to do and places to see. One of the major downfalls is all of the people. Being from the country, it is hard to live in the city and not miss all the peace and quiet. CT is a very pretty state, being right next to the ocean, but I don't think I would want to live there.

What is your favorite food to eat? And what is your favorite food to cook?
My favorite food to eat is either sushi YUM! or raw clams/oysters. EEEEWW!  They are just delicious! My favorite food to cook is chicken, bone-in, with bread crumbs and spices baked in the oven. MMM! Yum, OK you are on cook detail next family get together.

What is your favorite smell or scent?
This one is hard. Sometimes you pass by someone or something and get a certain smell that makes you remember a time from before. It brings out a memory that you had all but forgotten. That is my favorite smell. Yes! I know exactly what you mean, that is so true!

If you were given a week and all the money you need - how would you spend it?
Probably just building myself a home. (not literally) I would buy a house and furnish it and make it special to me, because I have never owned a home before  and that is something that is very important to me. Awww, yes owning your home is really nice, but a lot of work.

What is the last music you listened to (and be honest!)?
My last 'musical experience' was me switching the stations for fifteen minutes  trying to find some music but only encountering commercials. So I put on my fail-proof Mariah Carey cd. EEWWW ew ew ew! Sorry, do not like her!

If you could give one million dollors to one charity, what would it be? and why?
I think it would be the 700 club. They do so many good things for so many people around the world and it would be great to help them do that. Good for you girl.

What is the one thing around the house that you hate doing?
Cleaning. :-) Hahaha

What is your favorite thing to do for fun?
I like to write or read... or both. School papers are actually fun for me. You know I used to like writing papers in college too.

Surprise me!
Trutles have been my favorite animal for as long as I can rmember, but if you ask me why I can't tell you. I honestly have no idea why I like them. Ha ha, yes, you have always liked them!

Thank you Casey for being part of my blog today!
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  1. I love that her favorite smell is the one of remembrance. That is so powerful. Great interview today!!

  2. Fun answers.

    I'm with you girl, cleaning bites.

  3. Family and Friends is such a good idea - I have really enjoyed reading these interviews!

    1. Awww thanks Wendy!
      I am so glad I did it. It is a nice way for people to get to know everyone a little better.