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Paper Artist:
Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share
By - Gail D. Green, Kara L. Laughlin, and Jennifer Phillips

5 Stars!!!!!

Paper is not just for drawing! Budding artists use paper to create everything from lanterns to picture frames. Simple, step-by-step instructions and big, full color photographs help readers maximize their potential.
For ages 9-13.
* Easy step-by-step instructions make paper crafts accessible to anyone.
* Surprising uses for everyday paper products, such as wrapping paper or cupcake liners.
* Broad range of paper craft projects appeal to every style.

Kara Laughlin spent much of her childhood making journals and filling them up with backward handwriting (because she heard that was how Leonardo DaVinci did it), so it only makes sense that shed grow up to write about art, craft, and the people who make it. She has sold her hand-embroidered jewelry, art, and gifts for nearly ten years. She has written for The Crafts Report, CraftsBusiness, and FiberArts magazines, and her books, Beautiful Bags for the Crafty Fashionista and Hip Hair Accessories for the Crafty Fashionista were published by Capstone in 2012.

Excellent, amazing book! There are so many great ideas in here, I can't wait to try some of them!
The description says ages 9 - 13, but I wouldn't really put an age on it. I think this book is great for adults but can also be made simple enough so that with help even young crafters can do some.

Here are just a few that I am gonna run out and get supplies for -

This is every paper crafter's dream book! It has gorgeous pictures on EVERY page (lovin it), simple instructions, mostly everyday supplies, wide range of ideas.
I highly recommend this!

Thank you Netgalley and Capstone Young Readers for sending this e-book to read and review!

Get it from Amazon - HERE
or from B&N - HERE


  1. That looks like a cool book! I love the pages that you posted