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Another awesome cookbook! 

 5 +++++ Stars!

Are you passionate about pasta? Do you dream of heaping bowls of carb-loaded goodness smothered in sauces and cheeses? Then you’ll swoon over I Love Pasta, a collection of 130 lip-smacking Italian pasta recipes. Pasta with …vegetables, meats, fish, cheese, broth—you name it, and there’s an authentic, easy-to-prepare recipe right at your fingertips. Extensively researched by the experts at the renowned Academia Barilla, I Love Pasta presents this wonderful food in all its glory: through the most delectable recipes, winning combinations of sauces and seasonings, an encyclopedic listing of nearly 300 pasta shapes and types, information on the origins of pasta names and recipes, as well as intriguing tidbits of historical interest. It’s the entire universe of al dente delight, all in one place to savor and enjoy! 

ACADEMIA BARILLA, founded in 2004 in Parma, one of the most distinguished capitals of Italian cuisine, is a center of great professionalism and talent that is exceptional in the world of cooking. It promotes Italian culinary art, protecting the regional gastronomic heritage and safeguarding it from imitations and counterfeits, while encouraging the great traditions of the Italian restaurant industry. Academia Barilla organizes cooking classes for culinary
enthusiasts, distributes the best Italian products, and spreads Italy’s gastronomic culture through publications like this one that recount the unequaled riches of the country.

Visit their website - HERE - its AWE SOME!!!

Oh my gosh, "Barilla, I Love Pasta"' where have you been all my life? This is the cook book of my dreams! With this pasta cook book there is no need for any other pasta cook book ever, this book has it all. Pasta salads, baked pasta, sauces, long pasta, short pasta, pasta with veggies, pasta with oils, and even pasta soup! 

And... Ta daaaaaa - EVERY RECIPE HAS A PICTURE!!! Wow! What a novel idea! Why has no one thought of this before? These pictures are so gorgeous they alone sell the book.

I dare you to not find at least 20 recipes in here that you do not love, I was bookmarking everything.
Here are some pictures to intise you -

Click on the recipe to get it bigger.

So are you hungry yet? This cookbook could even make a cooking hater like me want to cook!

Thank you Netgalley for sending me this e-book to read and review!

Get yours at Amazon - HERE
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