Its a Non-Fiction Saturday two-fer!

400 Calories or Less with Our Best Bites
Tasty Choices for Healthy Families 
with Calorie Options for Every Appetite
by - Sara Wells, Kate Jones
5 Stars!

From the bestselling authors of Our Best Bites and Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites comes a unique cookbook for healthy eating. Inspired by the authors' personal weight loss journeys, these healthy recipes, all under 400 calories, provide a wealth of ingredient option substitutions for comfort food main dishes, flavorful side dishes and yummy desserts.Each recipe includes mouthwatering photography, easy-to-follow instructions for swapping out healthy, low-calorie ingredient substitutions, and complete nutritional information including fat content, carbs and sugar and salt intake. Features vegetarian and gluten-free choices and tips for stocking a healthy pantry from ordinary grocery store options plus advice for making the best choices at the salad bar.

Award-winning food bloggers Kate Jones and Sara Wells have more than 2.5 million page views a month on their blog, Our Best Bites and have more than 60,000 email subscribers. They have been featured in The New York Times, Better Homes and Gardens, Parenting Magazine, The Atlantic, Publishers Weekly, Southern Lady Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times. Our Best Bites has been named #12 in the top 25 Food Blogs, ranked by The Deal Daily Meal, and has been featured on popular cooking blogs such as Café-Mom, Tastespotting, and Foodgawker, and listed on the Pioneer Woman's blog as one of the most frequently referenced cooking websites.

This book is nothing short of amazing! There are LOTS of recipes in here I would make. I was drooling at everyother one. Everything looked simple and straight forward.
Now there some meat recipes in here and I would never use those but there are lots of veggie, chicken and fish & seafood ones too. And - wait for it... there is a picture for EVERY recipe!!!!! Yep an extra gold star just for that!

I am really looking forward to trying some of these -
Grilled veg. flatbread pizza
Black bean and mango quesadillas
Spicy citrus salmon
Chipotle chicken corn chowder
Black bean and sweet potato turkey chili

Do these not sound amazing?

Here are a few pics for you -

Thank you Netgalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for sending me this ebook for my honest review.

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In the Mood for Healthy Food
By - Jo Pratt
 5 Stars!

Full of mouth-watering yet simple dishes, Jo Pratt has created a stunning collection of nutritious recipes for anyone looking to eat well. Start the day with Ginger Berry Muffins or Raspberry Yogurt Pots, enjoy a light meal of Poached Chicken Broth with Spring Greens or a more substantial Beetroot Gnocchi with Walnut & Watercress Pesto then treat yourself to a guilt-free Dairy-Free Vanilla & Blueberry Cheesecake or Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies. Brilliant ingredients are given centre stage in this book, with features on nuts, sprouting beans & seeds, quinoa, kale and chia seeds, exploring why they are so good, where to find them, and how to use them. With fresh, inspiring photography and design, this is the perfect companion for the everyday cook who wants to eat and live deliciously well.

Jo Pratt is an acclaimed food stylist, writer and presenter. She has written for Elle, Weekend, Sainsbury's Magazine, Olive, BBC Good Food and Glamour, for which she was Food Editor, as well as the BBC Food, Good Food Channel and Good To Know websites. She regularly appears on UK TV, including Saturday Kitchen and Daily Cooks Challenge, and works with many food brands.
Visit her website - HERE

A beautiful book with lots of great ideas! This is truly a healthy cookbook. There are some things in her that the average person would not just have in their home but I have a huge natural foods store 5 min from me, so I can easily get everything. And there are some meat recipes in here, this is not a vegetarian book.
I don't think I would use quite as many of these recipes - about 1/3. But still, the ones I would use are great. There are lots of pictures, not one for every recipe, but lots and they are GORGEOUS!

Here are some I would try -
Blackberry and Goji smoothie
Asian chicken , noodle and mango salad
Spiced lentil and sweet potato soup
Fried sesame tofu and soba noodle salad
Salmon burgers with pickled relish and wasabi mayo

Here are some pics for you -

And I loved these little extra pages, this one especial about kale -

Thank you Netgalley and Watkins Media for sending me this ebook for my honest review.

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Friday Top Five!

For every top 5 list you do you get an entry to win an amazon ebook worth up to 1.99
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Wow! This is the last one for April. So after this one I will tally up your entries and choose a winner for this month.

People seem to love doing top lists about food!

Top 5 favorite junk foods -
1. Ice cream
2. Trail mix (they try to make it seem healthy but lets face it - its junk food)
3. Doritoes
4. Cheese (yes cheese is a junk food, especially the way I eat it).
5. Granola bars/power bars etc.

 Give me your list for an entry to win!


A Heart's Obsession - Colleen Coble

5 Stars!

Will Sarah's journey west lead her back into the arms of the one man she can trust?
When her father succumbs to a long illness, Sarah Montgomery is freed from duty to family. At last she can be with the love of her life, Rand Campbell, who has gone out west to Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Sarah and her younger brother Joel make the arduous journey filled with hope.
But at Fort Laramie, the reception Sarah meets isn't what she had hoped for. Her friend Amelia is thrilled to have her, but Rand seems to be in the clutches of Jessica DuBois, the scheming daughter of the post commander.
Sarah resolves to remain at Fort Laramie and try to win Rand back. But things will get tougher before they get easier . . . especially when her ex-fiancé Ben Croftner arrives in Wyoming, obsessed with having her back in his arms.

Colleen Coble has sold over 2 million novels worldwide. Seagrass Pier, the third installment in her acclaimed Hope Beach series, marks a new highpoint for emotion and complexity in Coble's addictive brand of romantic suspense.

Find Colleen online: website, Facebook, Twitter

Oh I loved this one so much better than the first. If the first book was the intro, getting to know the characters, setting up the story - this one is the guts, this is where the suspense starts. You really know the characters so much better by now. And to be honest, I think I even liked Sarah much better in this one. I loved the introduction of Morning Star and hope to read more about her in the next book.

I think I read this in one sitting. This was very gripping, sad, touching and definitely made me want to read more. I just got the next one in the mail and can't wait to start it.

Reminder - This is part of a series. The books take place one after another so if you put them all together you have one big book. You really need to read them in order or you are just not going to get it.

Thank you Litfuse for sending me this book for my honest review.

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Pleasant Day - Vera Jane Cook

5 Stars!

WITH MURDER IN COMMON FRIENDSHIP IS INEVITABLE.In the town of Hollow Creek, South Carolina, two separate murders, fifteen years apart, unite fifteen-year-old Pleasant Day and sixty-year-old Clarissa Blackwell. As Pleasant Day struggles with her mother's distance, her father's infidelity and the death of her best friend, she draws closer to Clarissa, an older woman with the secrets to heal her. But Clarissa has struggles of her own as she faces betrayal and seeks to come to terms with old wounds. With her unpredictable psychic ability to 'read people' Clarissa uncovers the answers to a deadly crime and to Pleasant's true identity. In the end, both Pleasant and Clarissa's worlds are transformed by the truths they're forced to accept, and both find solace and strength in the histories that have shaped them.

Vera Jane Cook, writer of Award Winning Women's Fiction, is the author of Dancing Backward in Paradise, The Story of Sassy Sweetwater, Where the Wildflowers Grow and Lies a River Deep. In the paranormal genre, Vera Jane is the author of Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem.  

She is married and lives on the Upper West side of Manhattan with her spouse, her Basenji/Chihuahua mix, Roxie, her chihuahua puppy, Peanut, and her two pussy cats, Sassy and Sweetie Pie. Added to the mix is Carly, an adopted five year old chocolate brown Dachshund.

I just love this author (my 4th by her)! I always know I am going to be in for an eventful evening when I start reading one of hers. She writes it like it is, she doesn't candy coat anything. If you are squeamish in any way (swearing, sex, violence etc.) her books are probable not for you.
Her books are not erotic, they are raw, honest, and very gripping!

Holy cow! This one is suspenseful! With lots of twists and turns this will keep you on the edge of your seat. Once again we are taken to the deep south of SC where we meet Pleasant. What a character she is! Pleasant is way older than her fifteen years and has experienced much more than a usual teen should. As usual, excellent character development. I loved Pleasant as well as Clarissa.
There is never a dull moment in this book!
Here is a sample of her writing style that I just love! -
"Looking over yonder I can see my mama putting clothes on a line. There's a bunch of purple flowers between me and her. The clothes are all white except for one blue towel. It looks so proud to be different. Mama's hair is dandelion yellow, golden against the daylight. She's a compliment to the natural environment around her, like an oak tree is to a back yard and like a lone cactus would be to a wide desert." 
"Nothing worse that grey light coming in your window on a Sunday morning. Personally, I don't like the color grey. It reminds me of the absence of color. I know, I know, people say grey is a color but it isn't. It's grey. Grey like smoke, like clouds, like ash. Grey like dirt and shale. Grey is Mr. Wiley's hair and a cat bit me once was grey. Grey is a deadly color, Grey gets between me and the sun and threatens rain. It is a downer, grey is. Don't ever wear grey, people are likely to avoid you." ~ I just LOVE this paragraph! I think it may be one of my favorite paragraphs ever. I personally hate the color grey! And this literally takes the words right out of my mouth!
So here I am - waiting for the next Vera Jane Cook book! She can't write fast enough for me.

Thank you Vera for sending me this copy of your book and "Virtual Author Book Tours" for letting me join your book tour in exchange for my honest review!

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Torn Asunder (audio version) - Alana Terry

4 Stars!

Hannah and Simon are ready to return home and carry the gospel to the people of North Korea. In this world of spies, secret police, and informants, they soon learn that staying together won't compromise their ministry. It could cost them both their lives.

Two undercover missionaries delivering a single message of hope. Two Christians willing to die for the sake of the Good News. One love ~ more powerful than terror, more beautiful than life, and more dangerous than either of them could possibly imagine.

A love so strong, nothing but the grave could overcome it.

Torn Asunder is part of the Whispers of Refuge series branched off from Alana Terry's award-winning debut, The Beloved Daughter. These suspense novels tell the stories of contemporary North Koreans and can be read together or separately from Alana's other books.

When Alana isn't writing, it's likely that she's on the floor wrestling with her kids. Or playing outside with her kids. Or chauffeuring her kids. Or trying some random science experiment with her kids. But she's probably not cooking or cleaning.

Alana is a homeschooling mother of three who loves to write, hates to cook, and enjoys reading a good book almost as much as she enjoys writing one.

Alana won the Women of Faith writing contest for "The Beloved Daughter," her debut inspirational novel. She has also won awards from Readers' Favorite, IndieFab (Finalist), The Book Club Network, and Grace Awards.

Let me start out by saying that Alana Terry is an amazing person and an amazing writer. I rated her two other books (The Beloved Daughter, and Slave Again) 5 stars. So does that mean this one was not as good - No! It just wasn't as good "for me". I did like it very much, just loved the others better.

Very good storyline, very original. I didn't quite get the character development as good as her other two books. I also wasn't really in love with the two main characters. Also this was much more of a love story than I was expecting. Still - a very good read, a little sad in places, gripping, and inspiring!

I did this one as a audio, and I really think that was the difference for me. Maybe if I had read it as usual I would have loved it more. I think the reader had already set the emotion for me by the inflection in her voice and the way she read including pauses etc. If I had read it myself I would have set my own emotion and felt it more. I thought I always liked audios but this is the second one I didn't care for in an audio. Some day I think I will go back and read the book and see if it makes a difference.

Thank you Alana for send my this audio of your book for my honest review!

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Secret Somethings - Amber Kay

5++ Stars!

Marriage is bliss for newlywed Jude Clayton. Lord knows she could use it. After years of battling a destructive mental disorder, she’s hungry for some sense of normalcy. Little does she know, she will find the complete opposite with her new husband Bryce. On the surface, Bryce Clayton is every woman’s dream—make no mistake about it. Handsome, intelligent, wealthy and accomplished, Bryce only has one problem. An obsession.

Poor fragile Jude knows nothing about her husband’s “extracurricular activities.” What she’ll discover about herself in the process is much scarier than anything either of them can imagine. Jude, with her grotesque sense of humor and her many mental abnormalities, has developed an obsession of her own.

As their unconventional “romance” blossoms into a toxic relationship, truth and lies clash. Some begin to wonder: Is Jude a helpless victim to her husband’s deceitful ways or is she a dutiful accomplice? 

Amber has been writing for as long as she can remember. Yes, she knows how awful her fifth grade plays were, but she didn't care as long as she had to the power to explore her imagination in the darkest ways possible. She grew up in the south where she ate a lot of BBQ and spent too much time reading.

Some would argue that she was an odd child (and an even odder adult) With her morbid sense of humor, Amber has aimed to be as true to her writing as she can by exploring the darker sides of humankind. She loves psychological thrillers and offbeat plots. Her characters might be unlikable. Her plots might take disturbing twists and turns, but she tries (as always) to explore the most tragic parts of life with as much humor as possible.

Check out her website - HERE

Finally!!! I have been waiting for months for another book to blow me away - and this one did!
It starts out simple enough, a woman confessing to killing her husband - but its what happens after that will blow your mind! 

Wow! Amazing writing, amazing plot planning, and amazing character development! This one will definitely go down as one of my favorites of the year! How have I not seen this author before? More please! I will certainly be reading more by Amber Kay. I can't believe she is so young and has so much talent as a writer.

This book is definitely a page turner. You will be on the edge of your seat all throughout the book. This story would make an excellent movie. I kept picturing it in my head as a movie. In fact I have watched thrillers that were not as good as this.

Thank you "Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours" for sending me this amazing book for my honest review!

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Friday Top Five!

Remember - for every top 5 list you do you get an entry to win an amazon ebook worth up to 1.99
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Top 5 Ice cream flavors -
1. Coffee
2. Vanilla
3. Black cherry
4. Mocha chip
5. Bittersweet chip

Give me your list for an entry to win!