I am now booking for - SEPT!!!! 
 (Sorry, but that's where I'm at).
If you can wait till Sept. - I will consider your book for review.
I might be able to fit in a very short book or non-fiction type book sooner.

I'm sorry, but I schedule so far in advance!

I will accept - Woman's Fiction, Historical fiction, Christian fiction, light fun Paranormal, Chick-lit, YA, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, and some Mystery and some Non-fiction
(absolutely no Erotica or repeated explicit graphic sex, please)!

Please email me at -
forevereading at gmail dot com  I will seriously consider your book for review!

I can read pretty much any form of the book - hard copy, mobi, pdf, etc.

I am also looking for audio books to review! I do have a subscription to Audible.

I can also do guest posts and spotlights, if I don't have time in my schedule to read and review!

I get at least 3 - 8 emails everyday from authors and don't have the time to email everyone back. I am sorry about this. But if you don't hear from me it means I am not interested.

If I am interested I will get back to you within a couple days.

Thank you for your interest!