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The Perfect Arrangement - By Katie Ganshert

Rhythm of Deceit - Rachael Richey

Friday Top Five!

Higher Ground - T M Carpenter

Only With Blood - Therese Down

My First Hands-On Bible - Tyndale publishers

Friday Top Five!

Expert Witness - Rachel Dylan

Everything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne

Bible Stories Gone Crazy! - by Josh Edwards; illustrated by Emiliano Migliardo

Sold Out: Live for Jesus - Carla McDougal

Gather Around the Amish Table - Lucy Leid (with a GIVEAWAY!)

Friday Top Five!

Love on a Deadline - Kathryn Springer

A Wicked Truth - Joyce Proell (with a GIVEAWAY!)

Friday Top Five!

Madison's Song - Christine Amsden (Review, Guest post, and AWESOME GIVEAWAY!)