Bible Stories Gone Crazy! - by Josh Edwards; illustrated by Emiliano Migliardo

3 Stars  :-(

Eight Bible stories are depicted in bright color and comic, cartoony illustrations. There is a sentence or two explaining the scene at the top, and then details to spot, mistakes to find, and questions to answer along the sides of the picture, such as, Did Noah s workmen REALLY have power tools? and How many rabbits are in the picture? Children will love scouring the illustrations to find the answers and spot more amusing details in the busy artwork of Emiliano Migliardo.

Josh Edwards has written a number of Bible stories and innovative activity books for kids, building on his experience as a teacher and artist, and as a father of three rapidly growing children. A Londoner by birth, residence, and preference, he has traveled widely and always loved books and reading.

Emiliano Migliardo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1971, and has been working in children's media, publishing comic strips, humor, games and illustrations for more than 20 years. He knew he wanted to dedicate his life to drawing since a young boy, and he has.

This is the first book from Kregel I have been even the slightest bit disappointed in! And it looks like I am the only one, every other reviewer on Amazon loves it!
Let me start out by saying - this is not a bad review! The book is cute, the pictures are great. It does give the kids something to do to keep them busy for a while. And the little story lines are nice. It is a nice way to start to teach kids the Bible stories.

My biggest problem is there are no answers! I scoured the book several times looking for the answer page thinking "There must be one!" There's not. There is a page saying how many teddy bears there are, but that's it. And I know this is going to drive kids CRAZY not knowing if they are right or not.
Also on the very first page there is a guy carrying a window (and again on the last page, a man singing) that you are suppose to find and in the picture it is shown as the mirror image. Well to me that is not correct, I kept looking for another one thinking they are trying to trick you, but there isn't one.
I know I am being very picky, but - sheesh come on! I do child care for a living and I know these little things would drive the kids crazy!

So... not a bad review - just an OK one, sorry  :-/
A nice hard cover, thick shiny pages and great pictures! The idea was good, but coming from a daycare perspective - I just don't love the way it was done, could have been better.

Thank you Kregel for sending me this book for my honest review!

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