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Knitting Knee-Highs Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary By Barb Brown (Book review)

Weekly Geeks : An ABC Author List

The Judgment by - Beverly Lewis (Review and ARC giveaway)

Book Winner!

Easter Giveaway Hop hop hop!

Speed reviewing (hold on to your hats!)

The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins (A Hex Hall Novel)

End of the Read-a-thon

R-A-T done!!!

UUUGGGHHH, R-A-T almost done!

R-A-T Are we still seriously doing this???

R-A-T sometime in the middle of the night????

R-A-T short but sweet update

R-A-T 13 hrs. done

R-A-T half way!

R-A-T Hr. 10 done

R-A-T hour 8 almost done

R-A-T Hr. 6 done

R-A-T Hr. 5 done

R-A-T hour 3 done

R-A-T hour 2 done

read-a-thon hour 1 done


Beside Still Waters - Tricia Goyer (review & Giveaway!)

e-reader questioneer

We have a winner!