R-A-T hour 8 almost done

Update -
Finished "What I Thought I Knew" by Alice Eve Cohen 194 pages
Pages I've read since last post - 106
Total pages so far - 620

Books read -
"I Heart You, You Haunt Me" - Lisa Schroeder
"The Jullian Game" - Adele Griffin
"What I Thought I Knew" - Alice Eve Cohen

Now starting -
"The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball" - Risa Green

Hop on over to my daughter's blog for a true story of what happened on the porch - HERE
It was chilly on the porch so we gave up and came in.

Porch pictures -


  1. We look cold! I think its time to break out those deviled eggs!!!

  2. You guys look so comfy! Keep it up!!

  3. Yay keep going! I thought about going outside to sit today but I don't have any outside chairs :(

  4. Happy Readathoning! What a great place to read! Hope you're enjoying it! :) *\o/* *\o/*