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Things That Go Jack In The Night by TG Wolff (with a GIVEAWAY!)

5 STARS! September 11-15, 2023 Virtual Book Tour Synopsis: Mysteries to Die For: Season 6 In the English language, there are a few, very special words that can function as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. One word goes further, creating new words from old. That word is JACK. The brandy distilled from hard cider was the first applejack, the word now synonymous with a children’s cereal. There is the nefarious one-eyed jack of playing card fame. Animals from the jackdaw to the jackrabbit to the elusive jackalope roam all the ranges. There are the ever growing number of people named Jack, birth named or nicknamed, heroes to villains. The way the word “jack” is used in the English language is truly unique, inventive, and too numerous for us to count. For your puzzle solving pleasure, Mysteries to Die For presents: Things That Go Jack in the Night . Pepper jack cheese. Lumberjack. Wolfman Jack. Jack be Nimble. One-eyed Jack. Jackass. Jacking Off. Jackalope. Jack-in-

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