Three Missing Days by Colleen Coble - GIVEAWAY!

 5 Stars!

Book Three in the gripping romantic suspense series from USA TODAY bestselling author Colleen Coble.

A chilling murder.

Chief of Police Jane Hardy plunges into the investigation of a house fire that claimed the life of a local woman as well as one of the firefighters. It’s clear the woman was murdered. But why? The unraveling of Jane’s personal life only makes the answers in the case more difficult to find.

Her son’s arrest.

Then Jane’s fifteen-year-old son is accused of a horrific crime, and she has to decide whether or not she can trust her ex, Reid, in the attempt to prove Will’s innocence—and whether she can trust Reid with her heart.

Her stolen memories.

Three days of Jane’s past are missing from her memory, and that’s not all that has been stolen from her. As she works to find the woman’s murderer and clear her son’s name, finding out what happened in those three days could change everything. It all started with one little lie. But the gripping truth is finally coming out.

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Read an excerpt:

“I know what you did.”

The muffled voice on her phone raised the hair on the back of Gail Briscoe’s head, and she swiped the perspiration from her forehead with the back of her hand. “Look, I’ve reported these calls. Don’t call me again.”

She ended the call with a hard finger punch on the screen and stepped onto her front porch. The late-May Alabama air wrapped her in a blanket of heat and humidity, and she couldn’t wait to wash it off. She should have left the light on before she went for her predawn run. The darkness pressing against her isolated home sent a shudder down her back, and she fumbled her way inside. Welcome light flooded the entry, and she locked the door and the dead bolt with a decisive click that lifted her confidence.

She stared at the number on the now-silent phone. The drugstore again. Though there weren’t many pay phones around anymore, the old soda shop and drugstore still boasted a heavy black phone installed back in the sixties. The caller always used it, and so far, no one had seen who was making the calls. The pay phone was located off an alley behind the store by a Dumpster so it was out of sight.

The guy’s accusation was getting old. Counting today, this made seven calls with the same message. Could he possibly know about the investigation? She rejected the thought before it had a chance to grow. It wasn’t public knowledge, and it would be over soon. She clenched her hands and chewed on her bottom lip. She had to be vindicated.

But who could it be, and what did he want?

Leaving a trail of sweaty yoga shorts and a tee behind her, she marched to the bathroom and turned the spray to lukewarm before she stepped into the shower. The temperature shocked her overheated skin in a pleasant way, and within moments she was cooled down. She increased the temperature a bit and let the water sluice over her hair.

As she washed, she watched several long strands of brown hair swirl down the drain as she considered the caller’s accusation. The police had promised to put a wiretap on her phone, but so far the guy hadn’t stayed on the phone long enough for a trace to work. And it was Gail’s own fault. She should have talked with him more to string out the time.

She dried off and wrapped her hair in a turban, then pulled on capris and a top. Her phone vibrated again. She snatched it up and glanced at the screen. Augusta Richards.

“I got another call, Detective. Same phone at the drugstore. Could you set up a camera there?”

“I hope I’m not calling too early, and I don’t think that’s necessary. The owner just told me that old pay phone is being removed later today. Maybe that will deter the guy. It’s the only pay phone in town. He’ll have to use something else if he calls again.”

“He could get a burner phone.”

“He might,” the detective admitted. “What did he say?”

“The same thing—‘I know what you did.’”

“Do you have any idea what it means?”

Gail flicked her gaze away to look out the window, where the first colors of the sunrise limned the trees. “Not a clue.”

“Make sure you lock your doors and windows. You’re all alone out there.”

“Already locked. Thanks, Detective.” Gail ended the call.

Ever since Nicole Pearson’s body had been found a couple of months ago, no one needed to remind Gail she lived down a dirt road with no next-door neighbors. No one wanted to buy the neighboring place after such a lurid death, so the area remained secluded other than a couple of houses about a mile away and out closer to the main road.

She stood back from the window. It was still too dark to see. Was someone out there?

Pull back the reins on your imagination. But once the shudders started, they wouldn’t stop. Her hands shaking, she left her bedroom and went to pour herself a cup of coffee with a generous splash of half-and-half from the fridge. She had a stack of lab orders to process, and she couldn’t let her nerves derail her work.

The cups rattled as she snatched one from the cupboard. The coffee sloshed over the rim when she poured it, then she took a big gulp of coffee. It burned all the way down her throat, and tears stung her eyes as she sputtered. The heat settled her though, and she checked the locks again before she headed to her home office with her coffee.

No one could see in this tiny cubicle with no window, but she rubbed the back of her neck and shivered. She’d work for an hour, then go into the lab. The familiar ranges and numbers comforted her. She sipped her coffee and began to plow through the stack of papers. Her eyes kept getting heavy. Weird. Normally she woke raring to go every morning.

Maybe she needed more coffee. She stretched out her neck and back and picked up the empty coffee cup.

Gail touched the doorknob and cried out. She stuck her first two fingers in her mouth. What on earth?

The door radiated heat. She took a step back as she tried to puzzle out what was happening, but her brain couldn’t process it at first. Then tendrils of smoke oozed from under the door in a deadly fog.

Fire. The house was on fire.

She spun back toward the desk, but there was nothing she could use to protect herself. There was no way of egress except through that door.

If she wanted to escape, she’d have to face the inferno on the other side.

She snatched a throw blanket from the chair and threw it over her head, then ran for the door before she lost her courage. When she yanked it open, a wall of flames greeted her, but she spied a pathway down the hall to her bedroom. Ducking her head, she screamed out a war cry and plowed through the flames.

In moments she was in the hall where the smoke wasn’t so thick. She pulled in a deep breath as she ran for her bedroom. She felt the cool air as soon as she stepped inside and shut the door behind her. Too late she realized the window was open, and a figure stepped from the closet.

Something hard came down on her head, and darkness descended.


Excerpt from Three Missing Days by Colleen Coble. Copyright 2021 by Thomas Nelson. Reproduced with permission from Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved.



Colleen Coble is a USA TODAY bestselling author and RITA finalist best known for her coastal romantic suspense novels, including The Inn at Ocean’s Edge, Twilight at Blueberry Barrens, and the Lavender Tides, Sunset Cove, Hope Beach, and Rock Harbor series.

Connect with Colleen online at:
BookBub: @ColleenCoble
Instagram: @colleencoble
Twitter: @colleencoble
Facebook: @colleencoblebooks



Colleen Coble is one of my favorite authors! I have read many of her books (too many to count). This series certainly did not disappoint me. I would say her books are suspenseful first, Christian based second. Meaning - they are clean and talk about being Christian but, in my opinion, not preachy at all!

Reminder - this is the third book in a series and are meant to be read in order. 

I love how this one really gets much more into the characters and their past, and... hmm for lack of better wording - more human interest/romance, but not romance LOL. Relationship, that's more what I was looking for. More about their relationships. This was nice and was certainly interesting.

I have read a few books about cults and this was very well done. Both of the main characters grew up in a cult, married and had a child... and much more. Interesting backstory there! In this story their son, 15 year old Will gets arrested and charged with murder. It is up to them to prove his innocence.

Great ending - all tied up in a very neat bow!

One thing I love about books by this author is how she can weave Christianity, God, and prayer into the story and make it seem very natural and not like she is Bible thumping you.

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Manflu - Simone De Muñoz


4 Stars


Following a global pandemic, which has either killed or weakened most of the male population, women now dominate all aspects of life.

Dr. Morgan Digby, married to a man rendered bedbound from his bout with manflu a decade prior, is working tirelessly on a vaccine, yet obstacles keep springing up in her path.

When she meets a handsome neighbor who has never been exposed to the deadly virus, things become…complicated. There’s something between them, but he can’t leave his home.

Morgan’s struggle to remain faithful to her ailing husband isn’t her only battle. Someone has been one step ahead of her, countering her every move. Will she find a vaccine before it’s too late to protect those she loves?


Simone de Muñoz writes dystopian, or perhaps utopian, fiction, depending on your perspective, where women drive the story and sometimes even run the world. She holds a master’s degree in public policy from UC Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in economics from MIT, which she uses in her day job as a data analyst at a nonprofit. Based in Silicon Valley, she lives with her patient husband, their two young sons, and a grumpy dog named Fish. Manflu is her debut novel.

Contact Links

Website: https://www.simonedemunoz.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Simone-de-Mu%C3%B1oz-101630125038064



Global pandemic, desperately searching for vaccines, this almost sounds a little too real! But, a futuristic world now run by women - Now that I can get behind!!! Except it's not all warm fuzzies. There is just as much competition between women as there are men. And maybe some of those power hungry women are liking a world run by women a little too much. So much so that they might do anything to keep it that way.

Very well written, certainly interesting, thought provoking, and un-put-downable at times. The only problem is trying to decide if this is a romance or suspense, or maybe the best of both? I am not a huge romance reader unless it has that little something extra. Well this one had more than a little extra to keep me reading.

Reading this will make you sit back and think about our world and what is happening today and where we will be in the future.

This is a fast paced, easy reading, and I know it sounds intense but it is fun... yes I said fun! One reviewer said it would make a great TV show and I have to agree! This is a made for TV scenario if I ever read one.

Hold on to the edge of your chairs. After a few unexpected twists this does have a bit of a surprise ending.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from RABT Book Tours & PR -  Thank You!

Order from Amazon - HERE


The Deadening by Kerry Peresta - GIVEAWAY!


5 Stars!!


OLIVIA CALLAHAN’S quiet, orderly life is shattered when she regains consciousness in a hospital and discovers she is paralyzed and cannot remember a thing. The fragmented voices she hears around her help her piece together that an apparent assault landed her in the hospital, but nobody knows who attacked her, or why.

Now, in spite of a brain injury that has rewired her personality, Olivia is on a mission to reclaim her life. As clarity surfaces, and she starts to understand who she was, she is shocked.

Could she really have been that person?

And if so, does she want her old life back?

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads


Kerry’s publishing credits include a popular newspaper column, “The Lighter Side,” 2009-2011; and magazine articles in Local Life Magazine, The Bluffton Breeze, Lady Lowcountry, and Island Events Magazine. She is the author of two novels, The Hunting, women’s fiction, released by Pen-L Publishing in 2013, and The Deadening, released in February, 2021 by Level Best Books, the first in the Olivia Callahan Suspense series, She spent twenty-five years in advertising as an account manager, creative director, and copywriter. She is past chapter president of the Maryland Writers’ Association and a current member and presenter of Hilton Head Island Writers’ Network, and the Sisters in Crime organization. Recently, she worked as editor and contributor for Island Communications, a local publishing house. Kerry and her husband moved to Hilton Head six years ago. She is the mother of four adult children, and has a bunch of wonderful grandkids who keep life interesting and remind her what life is all about.

Catch Up With Kerry L Peresta:
Instagram - @kerryperesta
Twitter - @kerryperesta
Facebook - @klperesta



Woohoo!!!! This book blew me away! You know when you read a book and it is soo good that every book you read for the next few months just can't compare... yeah - this was that book for me!

OK I have to admit, I have a thing for books about memory loss. I have no idea why?? Maybe in a previous lifetime I had amnesia? This one was done so well. The parts when she started to remember things, it just felt so real.

Excellent character development! I loved Olivia. I thought her character was spot on and very believable. The beginning of this book!! Oh my gosh, I was totally riveted! I could not tear myself away, even with tears flowing down my face! I don't want to give away the story but... when she goes home to be with her mom and daughters even though she can't remember who they are! 😢 Heartbreaking! I also loved her mom and the daughters. I thought they were great through the whole thing.

Perfect ending that will blow your mind! 

Wait... The first in a series??!! Sign me up for more! Can't wait to read more by this "new to me" author!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Partners in Crime Tours -  Thank You!!

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Project Kaitlyn - Grayson Avery


5 Stars!


Meet Kaitlyn Colby, a clumsy, inappropriate blurter with self-esteem issues, but also quite handy with an axe. She's certainly no superhero, but she fights the battles of a single mom with sweet snarkasm. Between work and pining for and co-parenting with her man-child ex (is there any other kind?), Kaitlyn has no time to find that special someone. And if she did, would he really want her anyway? Kaitlyn's sister and friends (The Sweet Water Circle) say yes, so following a typical Kaitlyn slip up, The Circle intervenes to force her out of the funk that she fell into following her unwanted divorce.


When Kaitlyn makes a decision to pursue her advertising career over love, she tumbles (like no tumble you've ever seen…or heard) into the life of hunky, bay breeze-drinking Hunter Dixon, an ad exec who is intrigued enough by Kaitlyn that he hires her firm to revive a struggling project, much like herself.


Can Kaitlyn become the woman she needs to be to land the man of her dreams? Maybe. Maybe not. But you'll laugh out loud as she tries. There's no doubt you'll be rooting for the lovable, hilarious, and relatable Kaitlyn. And you'll probably love her friends, too, which is good, because their stories are ready to be told in the Sweet Water Circle series!


Project Kaitlyn could be the funniest book you ever read. It's a hilarious romantic comedy that speaks the truth (well, most of the time) about life and love, and…hiking thongs? What the heck is that? Well, you'll just have to read it to find out!

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Grayson Avery is the author of The Sweet Water Circle Series, a romantic comedy series that focuses on childhood friends in their 30's and 40's as they help each other navigate the stormy waters of dating, marriage, divorce, and a whole lot of inappropriate, naughty, and downright hysterical situations

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Oh my gosh this book was freaking hilarious! It cracked me up! I was laughing out loud on almost every page, Sometimes I was laughing so hard I had tears pouring down my face.
"Her head pounded, The coffee was gonna need to be delivered intravenously and more that just a typical IV drip. Was there a fire hose setting, perhaps? ...
The Keurig spit out the final drop of coffee. She grabbed the mug and guzzled half of it while an angelic choir sang from the heavens." ~ Haha, we could be best friends!
Loved, loved, loved Kaitlyn, Kait, Lynnie (Ugh, No! Don't call her that!). She was real, funny, brave but intimated, loved her kids, wanted a future but unsure of herself. And - had the best friends EVER!!! Including her sister. You know what? She kinda reminded me of Lorelai on Gilmore Girls!!

Can't she do better than her ex-husband whom she has sex with on occasion but always regrets it after. Believe it or not this book was kinda cleanish. A few swear words, some dirty talk, and a couple suggested sex scenes but nothing graphic. Before you ask, yes, this was predictable. I knew what was coming, but... so what! Sometimes you just want what you want. And I wanted this ending even if I knew it was coming.

This was Chick-lit at its best. And I mean real chick-lit not the fake stuff that is mislabeled. This was heartwarming, real, modern, angsty, and so so hilarious! I haven't read one this good in a long time. Thank you!

My first one by Grayson Avery. Please! Got to get me some more!!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Rachel's Random Resources -  Thank You!!


Up The Creek by Alissa Grosso - AND a Giveaway!


5 Stars!!


An unsolved murder. Disturbing dreams. A missing child.

Caitlin Walker hasn't had a dream in nine years. But now nightmares torture her son Adam and awaken in Caitlin buried memories and a dark secret. Her husband Lance has a secret of his own, one that his son's nightmares threaten to reveal.

 In Culver Creek newly hired detective Sage Dorian works to unravel the small town's notorious cold case, the grisly murder of a young girl.

How are Caitlin and Lance connected to the horrific crime? And how far will they go to make sure their secrets stay hidden? Find out in this riveting thriller.

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads


Alissa Grosso is the author of several books for adults and teens. Originally from New Jersey, she now resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Find out more about Alissa Grosso and her books at:


OH this book was sooo goooood! I liked this book right from the beginning. But the more I read the more I loved it. This would have made a great movie. Right now I am watching "Tell Me Your Secrets" on Amazon Prime and this book actually kind of reminds me of that. 

Great character development - even though I didn't really like either the wife, Caitlin, or the husband, Lance. They were both just, weird and not very nice towards each other. In fact Caitlin was kind of a Bi%@h to her husband at times. I know she had a sleeping pill addiction (for a good reason, or should I say excuse?) but still. Lance tried with her, he really did. But he was enabling her not helping and to me it came across as cold and unloving. Great characters for a Suspense story - right??? LOL And like I said... Great characters for a movie!

Talk about Suspense... lots of on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments here! There were really two stories going on at the same time. There was the family story - boy having nightmares, mom addicted to sleeping pills, boy disappears into thin air (or it seems), dad - well dad had real issues of his own! And then there was the story of detective Sage Dorian re-opening a cold murder case. And you wonder... What do the two have to do with each other?

The author does a fine job of wrapping the story up in the end. Parts of it I was expecting and parts were a surprise. I really enjoyed this one! I read it in almost one sitting! And I see it is #1 in a series!!! Yay!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Partners in Crime Tours -  Thank You!!

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Death In Tranquility by Sharon Linnéa - GIVEAWAY!



No one talks to the cops. Everyone talks to the bartender. And Avalon Nash is one hell of a bartender. 

Avalon is on the run from her life in Los Angeles. Having a drink while waiting to change trains in the former Olympic town of Tranquility, New York, she discovers the freshly murdered bartender at MacTavish’s. A bartender herself, she’s offered the position with the warning he wasn’t the first MacTavish’s bartender to meet a violent end. 

Avalon’s superpower is collecting people’s stories, and she’s soon embroiled in the lives of artists, politicians, ghost hunters and descendants of Old Hollywood.

Can Avalon outrun the ghosts of her past, catch the ghosts of Tranquility’s past and outsmart a murderer?

The first book in the Bartender’s Guide to Murder series offers chills, laughs, and 30 of the best drink recipes ever imbibed.


Sharon Linnéa wrote the bestselling Eden Series (Chasing Eden, Beyond Eden, Treasure of Eden and Plagues of Eden) with B.K. Sherer, as well as the standalone These Violent Delights, a movie murder series. She enjoyed working with Axel Avian on Colt Shore: Domino 29, a middle-grade spy thriller. She is also the author of Princess Ka’iulani: Hope of a Nation, Heart of a People about the last crown princess of Hawaii which won the prestigious Carter Woodson Award, and Raoul Wallenberg: the Man Who Stopped Death. She was a staff writer for five national magazines, a book editor at three publishers, and a celebrity ghost. She lives outside New York City with her family. In Orange County, she teaches The Book Inside You workshops with Thomas Mattingly.

Catch Up With Sharon On:


Loved, loved, loved! 

Takes place in a small town bar - check, Ghosts - check, Awesome characters - check, Murder - check, And... artists - check!!  Everything that makes up a great book! 

This was a great little mystery but also... it gave me more than a few chuckles. I loved this. It made it more fun and not quite so serious (although, it really was... considering the murder and all).

A couple of awesome take-aways - ghosts! Yeah baby! Love a good ghost story. The ghost wasn't the main attraction but it was enough to make me happy. And, you know how some books have recipes in them???  :-P  This one has drink recipes !!!!! 

Daytime Secrets
2 cups lemon flavored sparkling water, chilled
½ cup citrus flavored vodka, chilled
½ cup fresh lemon juice
¼ cup sugar
¼ cup orange liqueur
Crushed ice
Garnish: lemon slices
Makes one pitcher
Combine first 5 ingredients in a large pitcher. Serve over crushed ice. Garnish each serving with a lemon slice, if desired.

This was a great story, fun, easy to follow. And, I love that this is a series. I will definitely be looking for #2.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Partners in Crime Tours -  Thank You!!

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The Good Wife - Eleanor Porter



Where will her loyalty lead her?

Once accused of witchcraft Martha Spicer is now free from the shadow of the gallows and lives a safe and happy life with her husband, Jacob. But when Jacob heads north to accompany his master, he warns Martha to keep her healing gifts a secret, to keep herself safe, to be a good wife.

Martha loves Jacob but without him there to protect her, she soon comes under the suspicious eye of the wicked Steward Boult, who’s heard of her talent and forces her to attend to him. If she refuses, he promises to destroy the good life she has built for herself with Jacob.

Desperate and alone, Martha faces a terrible decision: stay and be beholden to Boult or journey north to find Jacob who is reported to have been killed.. The road ahead is filled with danger, but also the promise of a brighter future. And where her gifts once threatened to be her downfall, might they now be the very thing that sets Martha free...?

The brilliant follow-up to Eleanor Porter's first novel of love, betrayal, superstition and fear in Elizabethan England. A story of female courage, ingenuity and determination , this is perfect for fans of Tracy Chevalier.

Purchase Link - UK  - HERE

Purchase Link - US - HERE


Eleanor Porter has lectured at Universities in England and Hong Kong and her poetry and short fiction has been published in magazines. The Wheelwright’s Daughter was her first novel.

Social Media Links –


Newsletter sign up: http://bit.ly/EleanorPorterNewsletter



I love historical fiction and I love historical fiction about witches, or suspected witches! So... this was a win/win for me.

Sadly I did not get to read the first book -  The Wheelwright's Daughter, but it will  now be on my wish list! You don't need to read the first one to "get" this one. The author does a great job of making this feel like a stand alone.

This was very well written. I really did feel like I was right there. There was love, suspense, a real historical feel.

This was very interesting. Kept me wanting to read every page. Great character development. A definate must read for fans of "the witch trials" and historical fiction in general.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Rachel's Random Resources -  Thank You!!



The Widow Catcher - Jonette Blake with a GIVEAWAY!!


Delia Frost loves her job at the bank. She loves her customers, most of whom are elderly. She doesn’t love the idea of quitting her job to travel around Australia in a motor home with her husband who is recovering from a heart attack. And she can’t bring herself to tell him that she doesn’t want to go. 

Days before she quits her job, she is invited to a book club meeting, run by a local celebrity. This seems like a beacon of hope, one last chance to do something for herself before she leaves it all behind. 

But this isn’t a random invitation.

Delia has been carefully selected by a serial killer to play her part in the murders of elderly widows.

​Finding herself caught in a web of blackmail and murder, Delia is now keen to leave this town behind. But the killer doesn’t want to let her go.


Jonette Blake writes supernatural thrillers and suspense thrillers. She is the author of over ten books and dozens of short stories, writing as D L Richardson.

She was born in Ireland and grew up in Australia. She lived through the 80s and music is still a big part of her life. When she is not writing, she plays her piano and guitar, listens to music, reads, and enjoys the beach.

​She has held jobs in administration, sales and marketing, has worked in HR, payroll, and as a bank teller. Her latest novel The Widow Catcher is based on the coastal town she lives in and her own bank teller experience.

Catch Up With Jonette On:
www.JonetteBlake.comGoodreadsBookBubInstagramTwitter, & Facebook!


An enjoyable read. For me it was more about the characters than the mystery. I really grew to like this group of people and became interested in their lives. I loved that this mainly took place in a "Book club"! How fun! 

This story was more cozy than suspense, and maybe a little too cozy for my personal tastes. But it still was enjoyable and I do know that there are lots of readers out there that love books like this. So I do recommend this book for those who love cozy, easy going mysteries.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Partners in Crime Tours -  Thank You!!

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