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The Boardwalk Antiques Shop - Julie Wright, Melanie Bennett Jacobson, Heather B. Moore

All Dressed Up In Love - Ruth Logan Herne

Friday Top Five!

Serving Up a Sweetheart - Cheryl Wyatt

Newbie - Jo Noelle

A Hearts Disguise - Colleen Coble (GIVEAWAY!)

Harm's Reach - Alex Barclay - Showcase!

Friday Top Five!

Haunted Love - Jessica Frances

Its a Non-Fiction Saturday!

Friday Top Five!

Mercy's Rain - Cindy K Sproles

Micacle At The Higher Grounds Cafe' - Max Lucado

Friday Top Five!

Just Pru - Anne Pfeffer (Giveaway!)

Zombie Attack: Army of the Dead, By Devan Sagliani (Zombie Attack - book 2)

Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde, by Devan Sagliani (Zombie Attack - book 1)