Friday Top Five!

This is the 2nd March Top 5 list - All about that book.
Check out the top 5 rules to the top of this blog on the left.

Top 5 subjects you love reading about -

1. Witches - Salem Witch Trials (fiction and non-fiction)
2. Oregon trail (I love American history books)
3. The beach or islands or lighthouses
4. Memory loss
5. Boarding school (I don't know why)

Give me your top list (please try to give a list not just a comment, although I do love the comments!)


  1. This is a toughie for me. My tastes are constantly changing. Right now I'd say...
    (In no certain order)
    1. Military hero
    2. Rock bands
    3. Long time Best friends turned lovers
    4. Books with author MC's
    5. Books with any sort of foodie twist are always fun

    1. Actually #4 could be revised to Bookish MC's. Not specifically just authors.

  2. Well good I'm glad you clarified that lol
    but really, there aren't too many book with the MC as an author so...
    But - you are right! I love books about bookstores etc.

    1. Oh! And the whole Military thing? Really? I didn't know that. Now see thats something I am not into, I mean I don't hate it, just don't love it or look for it.

    2. But but I just read a book with an author MC! They do exist! I swear.

      The military hero in books is usually a little broken. I like when they find someone who will kind of pull them out of the dark place ya know? Plus they're usually alpha alpha males. ;)

    3. Yeah see I'm just not into the wounded needs to be fixed type. I do however like the alpha male type as long as he is nice. And well sexy - duh!


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