The Wife at the Window - Cara Reinard


4.5 Stars


The little boy runs into the kitchen in his pajamas. He is swept up into a hug and gorgeous auburn hair falls across his face. I shiver, staring through the glass, my cheeks wet with tears as I gaze at the beautiful woman holding my son. That should be me. It will be me again.

We were the perfect family once. 
Shep, my handsome husband. My darling little boy… and our tiny baby girl. The night she died I lost everything. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would never, ever have hurt her. I was trying to save her. But nobody believed me.

So, I can only watch through the rain-streaked window as Shep’s new girlfriend plays mother to my son. Hugs him, holds him. Does he even remember me?

Now I am finally out of the hospital, I will make sure everyone knows what really happened. I will get my son back. The doctors might say my nightmares are dangerous…

But the woman in the window has been planning to take my place for a long time.
 And she doesn’t know how far I will go to protect my family…

An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist that will keep you up all night! Perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, A.R. Torre and The Girl on the Train.

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Cara Reinard is the Amazon bestselling author of SWEET WATER and INTO THE SOUND. She has an MFA in writing from Lindenwood University. Cara has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for two decades and enjoys writing twisty, character-driven psychological thrillers that are as much about the protagonist’s journey as they are about the mystery.

Cara lives just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, children, and two fluffy Bernese mountain dogs.

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This book just kept getting better and better the further I read.

Emerson (the ex-wife) - desperately trying to get healthy and get her life back on track also trying desperately to get visitation then partial custody of her son.
“Competent. Cleaned up. Coherent. All my fight back. I’ve finally found my words.” ~~ I love this!!

Talia (the current girlfriend) - pure evil!
"She must be first. She must come out on top. She must... get rid of Emerson Wilder." ~~ Like I said - pure evil!

Both of these women have a past. A very different past. But equally horrible!

There are really three things going on in this book…
There’s Emerson and her sleep disorder and trying to come back after a stent in the mental hospital.
And then there’s Talia, evil incarnate! With her evil history and her evil current doings.
And then there’s the ex-husband/current boyfriend, Shep, I actually like him but honestly he doesn’t have a clue and he is blind to so many things. And he has another whole thing going on with him!

This is well written, it's easy flowing, fun to read, and at times - exciting, but most of all heartfelt, I really loved and felt for Emerson and was rooting for her the whole book.

The downside - It was a tad slow in spots, especially the beginning. And a bit too fast and confusing at the end. Other than that I did really enjoy this book, and loved the characters, even the ones I hated! 

This is a "new to me author" that I would definitely try again!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Bookouture -  Thank You!!


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