R-A-T short but sweet update

Currently reading - "Taming the Wind" SAD BOOK!!!!
I will be giving this book away sometime within the next month.

Pages read since last post - 68
Total pages read - 1,003 WooHoo!
Total books read - working on # 6


  1. The House on Mango Street is a great little classic of Latino literature (written in 1984). I heard the author on NPR a few months ago.
    Now I'm reading an Indian YA book.

    Am getting a bit sleepy, so I'm also going to walk around for a bit. Congrats on going past 1000 pages. Wow!

  2. What a lot of reading you've done!!! So impressive. That sushi in your previous post looks wonderful.

    I'm happy with my muffins, though. Having one for breakfast right now. :-)


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