R-A-T Are we still seriously doing this???

It is now 4:10 AM do you know where your children are, OF COURSE YOU DO!!!! THEY'RE IN BED!!!!! sleeping like the rest of the world!
But not us, OH NO! We are awake in the middle of the night reading like a bunch of fools!

My daughter and I went through a fit of giggles last hour. Which did a lot for my state of awakeness, or state of sleepyness..

My daughter can not stay awake if her life depended on it!

Update - Reading "The Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt"
I am on page 132
I read 102 pages since my last post
So far I have read - 1197 pages! Wow, yay, go me, go me!


  1. We're in the home stretch! Not too much longer...although I doubt I will be able to fall asleep when we're done since I'm pretty much wide awake.