Knitting Knee-Highs Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary By Barb Brown (Book review)

5 STARS!!!!!

About the book -
In this book, author Barb Brown takes sock knitting to new heights by teaching you the ins and outs of knitting kneehighs, a popular sock, but one that needs more explanation than most books and magazines give it. Here, in the first book on the topic, you will learn how to size these socks as you knit them, with 20 great patterns to pick from. Each of the 20 knee-high patterns comes with a variation that features that design in a different color and style of sock, perfect for knitters who want to mix up their sock drawer.

My review -
I was so excited they were offering a knitting book to review, and a sock book too, my favorite!
This is such a wonderful book. It has beautiful full color photographs. The charts are even in color. I love the pictures, the way they have these beautiful girls posing is just adorable.  This would make a great calendar, LOL! The sock patterns look great! There is a variety to choose from. There are some lace socks, some Nordic, Icelandic,Siberian, and Canadian just to name a few! They range from simple to more difficult. I already have my first one picked out! I can't wait to start knitting!
I am not going to be giving this book away - sorry! Maybe you'll get a pair of hand knit socks as a gift.

Her are are some pictures of the pages I took, just to give you an idea how beautiful it is. -

Thank you so much Thomas Nelson Publishers (Booksneeze) for sending me this beautiful book to review!


  1. cool book...to bad I am not into making socks.
    I really liked the 2nd and 3rd picture....

  2. You need to come downstate and teach me the art of sock making. Because the instructions are Greek to me. LOL!

  3. You sound so excited by this book!!! Great review.

    I love sock books myself, as there is nothing better than wearing some home made cuddly wool socks at night while wearing your PJ and watching TV.

    Unfortunately, I stil haven't managed to knit with 4 needles! which is a problem in scok knitting.

  4. Awesome. I bet my mother in law would love this.

  5. I have this too, and now I'm trying to figure out which sock(s) to make :)