R-A-T 13 hrs. done

Take notice of what my daughters shirt says - perfect for the R-A-T huh?

Us sitting on the porch together -

A really great shot of me, any shot of me looking away from the camera is a great shot!!! Plus I am having a really good hair day, thanks to my daughter!

Update - Finished - "The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball" 315 pages
Have read 91 pages since my last post.
Total number of books read - 5
Total pages so far - 935

Next book up"Taming the Wind" by Michelle Thompson. 

Our snack of Sushi -


  1. Sushi was AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL! Thank you!

  2. Great job, may you get many more hours of reading in.

  3. What a SNACK! Can I come over for the next readathon? :)

    My blog has the mini challenge for Hour 16, you should enter!

  4. Just checking in to see how you're holding up! Hang in there! :-)

  5. Wow that looks amazing!!! That is great motivation.

  6. Love the shirt and that your daughter always does these with you.

    Thanks for your kind words and concern :)