R-A-T Hr. 10 done

Update -
Started reading -
"The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball" - Risa Green (good so far!)
Currently on page 117 (so read 177 pages since last post)
Total pages read - 737

We had Deviled eggs!!!! Yum! Next snack - Sushi around 7ish. or 8 ish.
I actually did get a little sleepy for a few minutes there, but snapped out of it.


  1. Yay! Keep up the good work. Deviled eggs sound great. I just had frozen grapes. Ice cream is my next snack :)

  2. Sushi, ick lol. I tried it once last year just because I like trying new things and I unfortunately had to spit it out in the restaurants cloth napkins...talk about a pink cheek moment!

    I'm muching on pizza rolls right now...I'm going for a completely unhealthy day!