Friday Top Five!

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Melanie was my winner for last month! 
YAY! Congrats!

Are you a TV-aholic (like I am)? If you are you probably can't wait till the new shows start!

I am gonna do 2 lists - you can do what you want (2 lists or combining them in one, its up to you)

Top 5 shows you are looking forward to returning -
1 The Good Wife!!!!! woohoo (favorite show!)
2.Alaska the Last Frontier (I haven't seen a date yet, but they say late fall??)
3. Castle
4. Chicago Fire (Hot fireman - need I say more)
5. Survivor, again woohoo!

Top 5 NEW shows I am looking forward to -
1. Code Black (Love those hospital dramas)
2. Scream Queens (looks like fun)
3. Blind Spot (looks interesting so we'll see)
4. Limitless (the movie was great!)
5. Supergirl (this might not last, but I'll try it)

And now for the rugged fireman picture -
and Jen, I put the pic at the bottom just so I don't distract you.


  1. I can't wait to watch these shows again:
    1. The Walking Dead
    2. American Horror Story
    3. How to Get Away with Murder
    4. Jane the Virgin
    5. Criminal Minds
    I'm not sure there are any new shows that I've seen advertised. I haven't been watching too much TV this summer.

    1. Is American Horror Story going to be back on? I thought it was canceled. I didn't see it on any schedules.
      Scream Queens is by the same people so you might like it.

  2. All of my zombie shows are coming back on! That would be 4 on my list. iZombie, Fear The Walking Dead, Walking Dead, and ZNation. Oh I guess Castle will be back on soon too huh? Add that one to the list. Oh, and Big Bang Theory.

    I probably won't pick up any new shows. I watch too much TV as it is lol.

    Nice pics btw :)

    1. That's not true ^^. I'm considering watching Ash vs Evil Dead that starts late Oct. and I will absolutely watch the new xfiles in January.