Higher Ground - T M Carpenter

4 Stars

In Higher Ground: Zero Hour, the world goes mad when what many people dismissed as alarmism becomes a reality: an Ebola outbreak that could wipe out 90 percent of humanity. But how the virus has spread and who is behind it remains a mystery: is it the government or a rogue group of radical terrorists? To the billions of dead, it makes no difference, but for those who have survived, the truth is crucial…yet not as critical as finding a way to survive during the initial outbreak.

The novel focuses on a handful of people who learn the worst is coming and try to sound the alarm while preparing to survive the collapse of civilization. Banding together and facing unexpected threats, they combine their skills and knowledge to meet up at a remote, predetermined location in the mountains of Colorado—a refuge that will hopefully see them through the worst of what the world is experiencing. The group will need to rely on basic instincts and sharp wit to maintain a sense of decency in the most indecent conditions as they confront ruthlessness with their own brand of justice.

T.M. Carpenter’s novel is insightful and compelling, with characters who are deeply real, courageous, and compassionate. Who will survive, and can they learn to work together and live in peace and harmony? Or will the cycle simply start all over again? In Higher Ground: Zero Hour, the entire human species is on trial. Will we allow our lowest and most base instincts to win, or will we look for common and higher ground?

Throughout recorded history, Mother Nature has regularly thinned the human population with a pandemic, the most recent being the global influenza outbreak after World War I. Improved medical treatments, vaccinations, and knowledge have shielded humanity from a major pandemic since then, but the question isn’t whether it will happen again—it’s when, where, and how it will start. With scientific, political, and social trends torn from the headlines of recent news, Higher Ground: Zero Hour explores the ways in which terrorism, government conspiracies, and the growing indifference of humanity could all contribute to a worldwide crisis.

T.M. Carpenter was born in 1962 in Minnesota, where he developed a love for the outdoors, growing up near Minnehaha Falls and the Mississippi River in south Minneapolis. After a visit to Colorado as a young boy, he vowed that one day he would move there, and he now lives with his wife and two children in Parker, Colorado.

I love "end-of-the-world" type books! Boy they do get you thinking don't they. One thing this book has going for it is detail. The author really pays attention to detail, nothing was left out. I could really feel like I was right there. I could even follow where they were going, like it was mapped out in my head just using his instructions. A fun, thought provoking, very real feeling, action packed story.

The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was that I rally didn't feel invested in it or the characters until half way through. In the beginning there was so much detail and the author kind of goes off on a lot of tangents detouring from the original story, the thing is - I loved all those little off shoots! They were all very interesting and fun to read. The author surly did his homework in the research department!

I thought there was good character development, but like I said I didn't really feel them (their personalities didn't shine for me) till halfway. Then finally, it started clicking. Also, there are a lot of characters to keep track of and you know what I think of that - fewer is better. Again, I kept forgetting who was who and who was with what family. I needed a list - He should have done a family tree in the beginning! That would have been fun. I suggest that for the next book. I did like the way everyone comes together in the end like it was meant to be. Kind of like Stephen King's "The Stand".

This story was well thought out, and well written. I am sorry to say though that it didn't have me running to the store for supplies or filling jugs with water like the "Life As We Knew It" series. That series had me making lists, putting things in my car and planning with friends to see if I really was ready!
But still I am looking forward to the next book - of course I have to find out what happens! There was not a dull moment in here, every page was filled with excitement, suspense and very real feeling adventure.

Thank you TM Carpenter for sending me your book for my honest review!

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  1. I laughed when I read your "Life as We Knew It" comment, because I DID THE SAME THING! That book was so real (and really stressful) that I had to take a break from that genre for a while. I'm more of an escape reader right now! haha