Friday Top Five!

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Summer is coming to an end and it will soon be Fall.
Did you go to any festivals this summer, do you plan to go to any in the fall?
I love festivals! And I love festival foods!  

Top 5 festival foods (and I know it depends on the festival)-
1. Ice cream!
2. Fried dough/funnel cakes
3. Salt potatoes
4. I love cotton candy, but I don't get it as much as I used to
5. Apple dumplings


  1. 1. Fletcher's Corny Dogs
    2. Roasted Corn on the Cob
    3. Fried Snickers
    4. Salt Water Taffy
    5. Carmel Apples

    1. Mmmm corn on the cob - LOVE

      And I love 3, 4, &5!!!!

  2. Waffle ice cream sandwiches!!!!!!
    Stuffed pretzels!
    Apple dumplings
    Walking tacos

  3. I don't really like attending festivals because they tend to be around times when it's very hot. Vonnie + heat + portable toilets= disaster

    However, I do have some favorite foods:
    1. Funnel cakes
    2. Deep fried cheesecake
    3. Chicken & waffles wrapped in bacon (it's new this year at the LA Festival)
    4. Frozen lemonade (is this a food?)
    5. roasted almonds

    1. Deep fried cheesecake???
      Holy crap, I am getting hungry now!

      and, lemons are a food ;-)

  4. 1. Funnel Cake
    2. French Fries
    3. Gyro
    4. Apple Dumpling
    5. Soft Pretzel


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