10 1/2 hrs. down!

I've read 443 pages so far, 89 pages since last post. I am almost finished with "Girls in Trucks" I love it. Hmmm, well I think I am consistent - 80-90 pages per post. I could do better. I think my problem is that I am liking my books too much. So I am reading them slowly as not to miss anything.

I ate some chocolate and had a cappuccino.

My daughter will be back in about an hour. Then we will order pizza and my servant husband will obediently go get it. Fetch, good boy! OOO I am getting sarcastic in my reading tiredness.

Get back to ya around 8:30 (NY time)


  1. I'm popping by again to offer some more cheering! Give me an R! Give me an E! Give me an A! Give me a D! What does that spell?! Read! Read! Read!

    Chocolate + cappucino=delicious! And a pizza! SO yummy!

  2. Heeey, Wendy!

    I knew that you would LOVE Roseflower Creek. It is sad, but it is a great story....

    How goes the read a thon? Eat a piece of pizza for me!!

  3. yep, I'm thinking that pizza is on the agenda for the night too. I'n not sure if I can talk the hubby into going to get it but it might be a nice break for me anyway. Keep reading and having fun!

  4. You're doing awesome! I'm starting to struggle with being tired. I just can't keep up to the reading and visiting blogs and some people do all those challenges on top of it. I'm simply not that talented. lol. Hope you and Ashley have fun and what a good hubby you have!

  5. Chocolate and coffee? Pizza too? I think someone is enjoying the read-a-thon! Almost halfway through, and you're doing great! Hang in there!


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