I don't know how many hours, don't know what time it is

Total pages read - 597
Goat song, Brad Kessler - 43 pages
Busy woman Seeks Wife, Annie Sanders - 47 pages

Goat Song is great, a non fiction book about a husband and wife running a goat farm.
Busy Woman Seeks Wife, I don't really care for. Its British. Nothing about the british, I love the accent, LOL I just don't care for British books. So here's one for paperback swap.

The pizza tasted great! I didn't realize how hungry I was till I took that first bite.
Going to have ice cream real soon, my second favorite food! yum!
Is this reading challenge an excuse to gain a fews pounds? I will have to some serious exercising in the days following.

Talk to you in a few! Hours that is.

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