And the winner is...

What's happening - I (or, I should say - have drawn a winner!
This winner of "The Choice" by Suzanne Woods Fisher is...
The way I did this was- I gave everyone a number and used the random number selector. Shelley's number came up! Congratulations! I hope you love this book as much as I did.

Me and my Martina watching Birdies (photo by Ashley).

I don't even know how I got this shot with her tongue sticking out! Luck I guess.

The birds art work!

Knitting - Ashley and I went to a great yarn sale on Sat. It was customer appreciation day at Finger Lakes Fibers in Watkins Glen. From 6:00 - 7:00 am everything was 40% off! So naturally we got there a little after 6:00. They had coffee and donuts and lots of beautiful yarn! I bought some to send my mom in TN, I bought one skein for Ashley, and a few skeins for my self. I really love to take advantage of this sale and buy yarn that I might not buy for myself otherwise.
I am looking forward to the next one, hee hee hee.
Photo by Ashley

Books I have read - "The Last Promise" by Richard Paul Evans. I want to thank my friend Chris for turning me onto this book. I really liked it alot! I gave it 4 stars. This is a beautifully written love story that takes place in Italy. Although I know Italy is a very beautiful country, I have never been all that interested. This book does an excellent job of taking you to Tuscany (the vineyards, the villas, the art, the restaurants) the character development was excellent! I loved Eliana and Ross and hated Eliana's Italian husband, Maurizio (you are suppose to hate him). Very nicely developed love story with lots of twists and a great ending!

Book challenge - Reading through 12 countries -
Jan. - Papua New Guinea - Mission Possible - Marilyn Laszlo
Feb. - Italy - The Last Promise - Richard Paul Evans

Contests - A Sea of Books is giving away 5 copies of "Love in 90 Days" by Diana Kirschner, Ph.D.

At the end of Feb. I will be reviewing two books in a series - "Nothing But Trouble" and "Double Trouble" by Susan May Warren. To me they look kinda like Chick-Lit /Mysteries. Should be fun. I am looking forward to reading them!

Be sure to enter the Double Trouble Prize Package Giveaway by clicking on the ‘Double the Sass” button! Susan’s giving away an iPod prize package that is anything but troubling! These prizes are awesome - Check it out!
Prize Details -
Double Trouble, the brand new PJ Sugar novel by Susan May Warren, is in stores now! To celebrate the release, we’re running a HUMDINGER of a contest!!
One Grand Prize winner will receive a $150 SUPER SLEUTH prize package that includes:
* A brand new iPod Shuffle (perfect for those all-night stakeouts)
* A $10 iTunes gift card (we recommend the ALIAS soundtrack)
* A $10 Amazon gift card (why yes, they do sell spy pens)
* A $10 Starbucks gift card (for fuel, obviously)
* A pair of designer sunglasses (be stealthy AND super chic)
* A gorgeous scarf from World Market (can also be used as a blindfold, and/or for tying up bad guys)
* AND signed copies of both Nothing But Trouble & Double Trouble. (romance! danger! intrigue! sooo much better than Surveillance for Dummies!)
The winner will be announced on March 1st.

Top 5 - Things I get up at 5:00 am for -
1. Say goodbye to my husband
2. Yarn sale
3. Spend quiet time alone
4. Work
5. Can't sleep


  1. Great picture of you and Martina and the one of her sticking out her tongue is just too cute!

    That yarn looks awesome! My fingers are just itching to be able to touch it. We have a yarn store here that has the nicer yarns but it's downtown and no parking. I wish they'd move somewhere else.

    Top 5 things:
    Nothing!!! lol. That's too early. Well maybe for a million dollars.

  2. What does your hubby do?

    The only thing that gets me up that early is a bad dream or the dogs needing to go outside for a potty break :)

  3. Hi Wendy!!!

    Lovely display of yarn there... oh, soo pretty.

    5 things I get up at 5:00 am for -

    1. A really good sale
    2. Continue to read a good book!
    3. Driving to run at a race.
    4. Getting ready for a trip. Double checking bags. :)
    5. To putter around the house and just be.

    Enjoy your day!!

  4. The yarn sale was great. Great coffee, great yarn, great people... great all around.

    I wake up at 5 for one thing and one thing alone... work. :-(

  5. I love the picture of you and Martina and the bird tracks and the yarn aquisitions:)Hugs Darcy

  6. Love the picture of you and Martina. So cute
    All that yarn!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!
    Top 5:
    I am always up between 4:30 and internal time clock goes off at that time.
    I wish I could sleep in.
    I like the time alone. So peaceful and love to hear the birds start to sing. I am and alway have been a morning person...not a night person at all!

  7. Hi Wendy! I got my book - I am so excited to read it! Thank you, thank you! When we go up to the cabin next weekend, I'm bringing it and will put my kitty on my lap and put on the fireplace! I love how you captured Martina's tongue - she is a beautiful fluffy kitty!!!
    Top 5 things I get up at 5 am for:
    1. To let the dog out to the bathroom - lol!
    2. Because I have to go the bathroom! (Lol, do you see a theme here?!)
    3. If we are leaving early to head up to the cabin.
    and nothing else I can think of...


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