1:00 - I will Survive!!!!!

Empty M&M bowl and 1/2 empty trail mix bowl!
This is me, I am not sleeping, I am reading, my are open slits!
And that's tea, not coffee! Hardly and bathroom breaks anymore!
My daughter reading, uh oh laying down is a big mistake babe!
See, I told you, yawning already! Sit up!!!!

Mini Challenge - Get the heck out of here
  1. What steps did you take to ensure you’d be able to read as much as possible today? - I prepped everything in advance (got food ready, cut veggies, fulled the sugar bowl,got coffee ready) I picked all YA books (easier reading and usually shorter)
  2. Of those steps, which proved to be the most beneficial to your day? Really all of them, it was so much easier having everything ready to go and I do believe reading all YA's is definitely the way to do it.
  3. Is there anything you might do differently next time? My husband wasn't supposed to be home, we works in PA for long stretches, but he ended up coming home just in time for the RAT, darn. So next time I would make sure the hubby was gone! LOL

Mini challenge - Early favorites
My earliest favorite book that I can remember was the classic "Heidi" Oh how I loved that book! I just cried and cried! I remember we went on vacation to A Jersey beach and I wouldn't leave the hotel room because I wanted to read! My grandmother came in made me come out to the beach. Can you believe it, I choose Heidi over the beach! If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it!

So far -
Total pages read - 874
Total books - 3 (just started a 4th)
Total hours - almost 17 (with a few breaks)
Right now - Reading "Tangled" by Carolyn Mackler


  1. WOW you've read so many pages!

    Steve has only read a couple of hours today, that's why his page count is so low :)

    Are you going to try to make it until 8 AM?!? I think I am going to make it until 2 or 3 - if I stay up past that I won't get any sleep, I'll be too wired!

    I really like all of your update posts, especially since you have pictures!

  2. I love that picture of you reading by the window!

    and I see that your daugher was reading Milkrun!!!! chick lit!!!