11:45, 3 & 3/4 hrs. down!

Hey! I won Reader of the hour for the 3rd. hour! Yay me! I don't exactly know what this means for me, but hey I am honored! Cool!

I will survive! My motto for this RAT (Read A Thon, incase you didn't know)
So far I have read - 272 pages.
Almost done with "Exposed" really good, I think I am at a pivotal point right now, scary!

Maybe I need to start a new pot of coffee (I will not pee, I will not pee, I will not pee!)

My daughter will be here soon, to start the RAT and finish it out with me.



  1. You will survive--now the trick is doing it without that song being stuck in your head :)


  2. I hope the coffee is done brewing and that your book is great.

  3. I wish my daughter was doing the RAT with me!

  4. Congratulations on your award. Happy Reading!