2:50am - I think I can survive!

The book I am reading now "Tangled" is so cool! I had no idea that it all takes place right here in upstate NY! She makes references to Rochester (1 hr. from here), Binghamton (1 1/2 hrs. from here), Cayuga lake (8 min. from here), Cornell (half hr. from here, I used to date cornell guys, LOL), Syracuse (1 1/2 hrs. from here) and a huge reference to May 19th!!!!! My birthday!
I feel so connected to this book, like I was meant to read it.

So far -
Total pages - 948
Total books - 3 1/2
Total hrs. - 18 1/2
Right now - 1/2 done with Tangled, page 140

I will survive, I will survive, I will survive!!!!


  1. I love it when you find a book you really connect to! It sounds like a great book to keep you reading through the night.

    Congratulations on your reading so far, and good luck with the rest of the night.


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