6:30 - almost pizza time!

My husband is leaving to get our pizza in a few minutes. You have no idea how much this excites me! When all you are doing is sitting and reading, almost anything else is exciting!

I finished "Viola in Reel Life" It was pretty good about 3 stars
"Exposed was worth 4 stars

Started "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman, on page 43.
Well, let me say that by page 15 I was totally blown away! My skin was crawling, I had goosebumps. I hope the rest of the book is as good.

So far -
Pages read total - 655
Books read so far - 2 (another one started)
Hours read - 10 1/2
Bathroom breaks - a zillion!
Pizza coming - priceless!

I'm a Survivor!!!!



  1. I'm super excited about pizza!!! Thanks for being here with me mom, my eyes are starting to burn. Your support is much appreciated!

  2. Books are awesome
    Books are great
    Congratulations on reading so much
    You’re first rate!

  3. Enjoy the pizza!

    You are doing fantastic :)


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