Rowing the Atlantic, by Roz Savage

I read "Rowing the Atlantic: Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean" by Roz Savage.
UGH, I really hate to do this but I only give it 3 stars! I bought this book while at my moms in TN and I was so excited to find it. It looked like just the kind of book that I would love. Roz Savage decided in her mid thirties to row across the Atlantic ocean  in "The Atlantic Rowing Race", she was the first solo woman to do the 3,000 mile race from The Canary Islands to Antigua. I thought this book was gonna be so exciting, I was hoping for almost a day to day account of what was happening. It was not like that at all. The parts about the race, and her daily adventures were very good, but there was sooo much other stuff, it made it really boring and long to read. The last 100 pages are the best and are more about the race. She definitely seems like a great person, very brave, and should be considered a "Hero" -right up there with the women who run the Iditarod. I just wish her book had been a little more exciting.
 She has a great website -HERE  it has great videos and explains exactly what she does.


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