On the very top of my blog on the left it should have the word "follow", I think it only shows up when you are signed in to Blogger. Could someone please try to follow that way (if you can not see the follow button on the right) and get back to me and let me know if it works.
Also try to hit the refresh button and see if the follow button shows up.
I have some followers already so I know the follow button shows up for some people.


  1. I tried following via the button at the top and it said that I was following, but didn't show up in the GFC icons in the sidebar (I don't know if it's supposed to though).

  2. I used the button in the sidebar too so that my icon would show up there.

  3. In your right-hand sidebar it says "My Followers" with a big space under it. After I refreshed, nothing changed. I tried the Follow link at the very top of your blog on the left. It allowed me to sign in and follow your blog, but the GFC grid of followers hasn't shown up yet.

    I think your blog header of bookshelves is fantastic! It's very colorful and I can read the titles which I think is pretty cool!

    Great blog, Wendy!

    ~ Amy

  4. Hi again,
    I'm back to sign up to be a friend on your new blog. Just letting you know I can't see follow on the left corner and on the right I just get the wording My Followers. Not complaining; just giving you the status of the intermittent problem

  5. Boo sorry there is nothing there to click on. It just says My Followers and there is nothing below it. I logged in to blogger and refreshed as well. I have a blog and never had mine disappear but i was on another blog the other day and the same thing no box was there.

    Congrats on starting this new blog. Looks great!

    Lisa B
    modokker @ yahoo dot com

  6. Thanks for the heads up. I was able to follow according to these instructions. (Hugs)Indigo