"Spun by Sorcery" by Barbara Bretton

4 1/2 stars

"Spun by Sorcery" is the 3rd. book in the Sugar Maple series, following - "Casting Spells" and "Laced with Magic" and for those of you who are fans, this is from her website - "I'm hard a work on Sugar Maple #4 and struggling to come up with a title that combines magic and knitting. And that's a whole lot harder than it sounds." Yea!!!!! There's gonna be a #4!!!

Description from Shelfari -
Readers love to visit USA Today bestselling author Barbara Bretton's Sugar Maple. There's just one problem-it's fallen off the map! Chloe is always losing things-but an entire town? Just when she was about to settle down in Sugar Maple with her soul-mate Luke MacKenzie, her Fae enemy Isadora strikes, and her new hometown is gone. Even the Book of Spells, her lifeline to magick, can't help her now. Just in the nick of time, her friend Janice roars up in Chloe's ancient Buick with Penny the cat and her yarn stash in tow. If she is going to save her home she has to go back to Salem, where family secrets and centuries- old feuds pull her into the fight of her life.

My review -
I loved this one just as much as the others. This one was a little different - more magic, more fantasy, kind of more fun! Not as much "hometown lovey dovey" This one is full of action, magical action that is! Chloe and Luke take on their enemies.
Book II, Laced with Magic ended with a "gasp", from my mouth not the book! LOL The last sentence wat literally a cliff hanger. Now, if you are going to read "Laced with Magic" don't go peaking at the last page, just wait for it - its worth it. Book III, Spun by Sorcery" takes right off where "Laced" ended, and I love that. Barbara Bretton kept the quirkiness in her writing, I was giggling by page 9. I absolutely adore Chloe and Luke! Bretton has such a way with her characters and making them so human... well not really, Luke is human anyway! She does have a way of making them "magical" - all of them! If you are a fan of the first 2, you will love this one! I am eagerly awaiting the 4th, Yippee!
I absolutely LOVE this series and it my be my favorite to date! If you want a little magic in your life - read these books!

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  1. I've only read Laced With Magic but I have Casting Spells and this one to read. I can't wait. I loved Laced With Magic. Glad you've loved them all.

  2. OOooo wee! Am I glad to hear this one rocked. I can't wait to read this! FAB review.

  3. I haven't read this series, but I am patiently waiting for it on my wish list. :) Great review.