Turtle Moon, by Alice Hoffman

4 1/2 Stars

Great book 4 1/2 stars!
This book was about so many things.
It was about a murdered woman and a missing baby.
It was about a 12 yr old boy who saved the baby and ran away with her, but also witnessed the murder.
It was about Lucy, the boys mother, who tries to find the murderer to clear her son's name.
It was about Julian, the cop who is assigned to the case (he has a past! don't they all?)
It was about Miss Giles who takes in the boy and baby to protect them from the bad guy (she has a past too).
It was about Bobby, Julian's cousin who died in an accident when they were teenagers and who is now a ghost "The Angel" and can't leave the tree where the accident happened.
It was about Shannon, a teenager who "The Angel" falls in love with.
And it was about a town in FL that goes kind of crazy every May. When the turtles come out to find their way to the ocean, all kinds of strange things happen.


  1. OOooo I need to read this. I dig old Alice Hoffman :)

  2. I've only read a few of Alice Hoffman's books over the years but enjoyed them. This one signs quite good too. An interesting mystery with great characters and interesting happens. Fascinating.

    You've convinced me to put this one on my tbr list!

    ~ Amy

  3. I need to add this to my goodreads "to read" shelf. I have read other Alice Hoffman books and liked them.