Another Winner!

2011 Reading challenges

I got a few responses (not as many as I would have liked).
My top 3 favorites were -
Pinkstuff28 - She actually submitted quite a few, so I put her on the list because of that.
Chloe Booklover - Rainbow Challenge - Read books with covers all the colours of the rainbow. (I thought this one sounded like a lot of fun)
Ashley Amanda - Read 10 (or more) books, each having to do with a different religion (or cult) for ex. -book 1 = Buddhist, book 2 = Christian, book 3 = Catholic, book 4 = Quaker, etc. (I thought this one sounded really interesting, I could have fun doing it and maybe learn somethings too).

So I put all three into Random.org and they chose - #2
So the winner is - Chloe Booklover, she will get to choose 2 books from my stash.

but since all 3 had great ideas I have decided to do all 3 challenges!
I will do a Chick-Lit challenge from PinkStuff28
I will do the rainbow challenge from Chloe Booklover
And I will do the Reading Religions Challenge from Ashley Amanda.
Thank you everyone for your ideas!

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