Left Neglected, by Lisa Genova

(I read this on my nook color)

Well it is not such a surprise to me that the Author of "Still Alice" would put out another 5 star book!
I loved this book so much I even had a hard time putting it down to eat dinner. This is going to be one of my favorite books of 2011 and I have only read 5 books, that's how confidant I am. The first 60 pages reads very much like a Chick-Lit book, it is light and funny. A day to day account of the everyday life of an average middle class working wife and mother of 3. It is about her kids misbehaving, teacher meetings, her stressful job, and how few times a month she and her husband have sex. The character development is amazing! I was absolutely hooked on page one.To be honest I would have been totally happy to just keep reading about Sarah's life, it was that enjoyable. Then somewhere around page 60 - BAM! The accident. I knew it was coming, that is what the book is about. But suddenly my happy little chick-lit book is bringing me to tears as my beloved Sarah is trapped in a car.

About the book (from Amazon.com)-
Sarah and Bob Nickerson live in suburban Massachusetts with their three small children. Both work 60-hour weeks, though the economic downturn looms. When Sarah wakes up eight days after crashing her car on the way to work, the doctors inform her of her condition, which causes her brain to ignore the left side of everything, and she begins a long and uncertain recovery. Genova vividly describes Sarah's fear and frustration about a recovery that may never come, turning her struggle into a lesson in forgiveness, acceptance, and adaptability; insights reveal themselves with extreme clarity, and small moments between Bob and Sarah illustrate his stalwart love, though readers may want a more thorough investigation of his growing role as caretaker, and as a character. 

I am not really saying that I loved this book more that "Still Alice", they are both equally great. But I will say that I could relate to this book better. Still Alice was about Alzheimer's,  I have never had to deal with anyone with Alzheimer's, luckily! Although I loved it, I couldn't say "Yeah, I know how you feel, I've been there".
"Left Neglected" is about an average woman, wife and mother, just like myself. And accidents happen, of course I always pray that they will not happen to me, but this book shows us that we really do not know our future, and just how precious our lives are.

If you read and loved Genova's "Still Alice" - You MUST read "Left Neglected"!
If you have not read "Still Alice" and have not even heard of Lisa Genova - You MUST read "Left Neglected"


  1. Sounds sad but good :) Thanks for the review.

  2. Hey Gurl,
    Thanks so much for posting on my blog. I'm a visial girl, and need a little candy everyday!!! Tell me the truth did you cry while reading the book? I usually do a "Crier" once in a while, it sounds like a great book to read. I'm ur newest follower. Much luck! Hope to hear from you soon.
    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous

  3. I have Still Alice but haven't read it yet. I'm moving it up to the top of the TBR pile and going to hunt down a copy of Left Neglected after this glowing review.

  4. I haven't heard of the author, but I'll have to check out Still Alice. Thanks for the review!

  5. i haven't read either this one or still alice but have heard rave reviews of SA. i am going to see if i can snap that one up at my library--i need a good, 5-star read! :) glad you enjoyed left neglected, it does sound like it would get my attention.

  6. I found you from Missy's blog, so happy, i'm a new follower.

    Still Alice is an all time favourite for me and left Neglected came last week, can't wait to read it. It has had mixed reviews so I am so happy to see you loved it and almost more than Still Alice, wow.

  7. I agree with you on both of Lisa Genova's books - they are so good!