Love is in the air!

This idea comes from "Weekly Geeks" a Valentines Day assignment.

- favorite love stories - I don't read much "Romance" or at least ones that I would call favorites. But my recent favorite love story would have to be the "Sugar Maple" series by Barbara Bretton. Great love story with a twist of Paranormal. My favorite classic love story would have to be "Love Story" by Erich Segal, one of my favorite books.

- favorite romantic movie - This one is easy! "Sleepless in Seattle" hands down one of the most romantic movies ever! I've seen it prob. 20 times and still cry EVERY time!

- favorite love songs -Well this one is a little different - "I Love You" by Martina McBride.  Why is this my favorite love song? Because this song is what made me fall in love with Country music! I had always hated country music. Then in the mid 90's country music started to change. This was the first country song I ever liked! And Martina McBride to this day remains one of my favorite singers! I even named my cat Martina!

- favorite romantic get away - Hmmm, for me would have to be the Adirondacks. There is nothing like being on a lake, or in the middle of a lake in a canoe, or on top of a mountain, or in the middle of the woods connecting with nature to put you in the mood for love!

- a personal love story you'd like to share - That one again is easy! Meeting  my husband. I had been a single mom for 5 years (starting 2 weeks after my daughter was born). I had a couple of "boyfriends" but nothing lasting. I had decided I wanted to be alone for a while and just connect with my daughter. A friend of mine started mentioning this guy she wanted me to meet. I kept saying no, not right now, I need more time. After weeks of friendly harassment by my friend "just meet him" "he's perfect for you" "you have so much in common" etc. I finally gave in "All right! You can give him my number but please tell him I do not want a relationship, I just want to go out for fun, nothing serious." He called me that night! I agreed to go for pizza and a movie. The night he was to show up I started getting nervous. I had never even met him, never even seen him! What was I thinking going on a blind date? I heard him pull up and thought, "Well I can peek through the blinds and if I don't like what I see I can always pretend I'm not home." So I peeked, and hmmm, not bad, OK I'll answer the door. 4 months later - we were engaged! Another 4 months later - we were married! That was 16 years ago and we are still happy!

- favorite couple in a book - Ha! Chloe and Luke!!!! From the Sugar Maple series, starting with "Casting Spells" Absolutely love those two. I think they should make a movie about them!

- things you like or don't like about romance. - I have never really cared for strictly "romance books" and I really hate explicit sex in books. It just makes me uncomfortable and icky. I usually skim and go blah blah blah, till its over.

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  1. I LOVE that series. I need to buy book 3. I don't read much romance either.

    Martina rocks!

  2. My fav love story is Pride and Predjudice, and as far as movies there are way too many to list. :)

    Hey, did you hear about "The Shunning" coming on Hallmark?
    The Shunning. Didn't you read that one?

  3. What a sweet love story about you and your husband. I have a thing for doomed romances, so Scarlet and Rhett top my list, but I'm also a fan of Darcy and Lizzie. Favorite romantic movie is Casablanca (it is centered around a love story) and favorite love song is Something by The Beatles.

  4. This was a fun valentine's meme. Hope you had a great day!

  5. Awwwwww, love the story of you meeting your hubby!


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