The winner of the book
The Judgment, by Beverly Lewis is...
Thrifty Sassy Mommy 

In keeping with the Chick-Lit theme - 
Some of my favs. -

*Favorite Chick-Lit series - The Savannah series by Denise Hildreth - "Savannah from Savannah", "Savannah Comes Undone", and "Savannah by the Sea" - I absolutely loved these funny quirky books that take place in Savannah GA. I lived in Sav. for a while so they had extra meaning for me.

*Fav. single book - Hmmm probably - "In her shoes" by Jennifer Weiner. A very touching but hilarious book (also a great movie with Cameron Diaz, love her!!!)

*Fav. Chick-Lit paranormal - The Sugar Maple series, of course. And I would call these Chick-Lit (don't know if they are labeled that or not). Again quirky funny with a romance.

*Fav. British Chick-Lit - Normally I do not like British books at all (don't know why) but I really liked "Millie's Fling" by Jill Mansell, so much so I went out and got 2 more by her!

*Fav. Guy-Lit - (kinda chick-lit written by a guy) "Confessions of a Contractor" by Richard Murphy. It is absolutely hilarious!

*Fav. Chick-Lit you may have never heard of - "Beyond the Blonde" by Kathleen Flynn-Hui. Takes place in a beauty salon, need I say more! Great stuff!

*Fav. Christian Chick-Lit - "The Convenient Groom" by Denise Hunter. I read this recently but it made me fall in love with her.

Other honorable mentions I loved - 
The Claire Everett Series by Tracey Bateman
"Hook, Line, and Sink him" by Jackie Pilossoph
"I'll Have who She's Having" by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke
"Girls in Trucks" by Katie Crouch



  1. My favorite two chick lit books are Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella and Bridget Jones's Diary.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am so excite to have won. :)