I found these questions over at "Chick loves lit" She does a Fun Five, where she asks an Author a different set of five questions. I loved these particular questions so I asked her if I could use them on my blog and answer them myself.

1. If your walls had to be painted all one color (besides white), what color would you pick?
Pink! or a coffee color (with cream) but pink is a very light, pretty, soothing color, and makes me feel happy! I know purple is my favorite color but I just can't imagine all the walls being purple (maybe just one room).

2. How many different types of drinks do you have in a day?
Well I usually have coffee in the morning. Then if it is summer - either iced tea or iced coffee, and prob. some water at some point. Sometimes I have a Snapple or something if we have it in the frig. very seldom, but sometimes I have milk at dinner but usually water with dinner. And sometimes hot herbal tea at night.

3. What is your favorite grocery aisle?
I would have to say the produce section, since I am a pseudo vegetarian. I could live off of the produce section itself. Maybe dairy being the second - yogurt and cheese.

4. Tell us about a recent purchase you’re excited about.
Plane tickets! For my yearly trip down south to visit my parents!!!! I will be leaving the end of June and returning two weeks later.

5. When was the last time you had cotton candy?
I haven't had it in years. But I do love it, I have to admit. It is not my favorite carny foodery though... my fav. would be caramel apples! Also love fried dough, all fattening, good thing I don't eat them very often.

Thanks Shanyn - that was fun! 


  1. Oooh! Fun questions! Yay for plane tickets! :-)

    A fellow caramel apple-lover

  2. I love pink too and a light pink room I think would make me very happy. Congrats on those tickets. I bet the time can't go fast enough till you get to go. Ahhhh, cotton candy. I used to be able to eat tons of it but haven't had it in years. I limit my sugar now. My favorite though would still have to be those little fried donuts. I can almost smell and taste them!

  3. Ooo, or a coffee cream room with pink accents!!

    We fell in love with the Taco in a bag at our local fair. It's a small bag of frito chips, sour cream, beef or chicken, lettuce, and cheese....mmmmmmmmm!

    I also love cotton candy! They have maple flavored at the same fair! And you can't go wrong with fried food! Can you tell we go just for the food?

  4. Hey girl, you won my contest over at my blog but I can't find your email anywhere. Can you shoot me a note at write2erinquinn (at) aol.com?

  5. At our old house, I painted my younger daughters' room a Pepto Bismol Pink. That's the closest I can come to describe it, although the color it was really called was Strawberry somethingorother.

    You would think I would have felt claustrophic or mildly nauseated, but I loved it! It always felt like a warm hug on a spring day.

  6. Fun answers!

    Here are mine:

    1. Powder Pink FOR sure. I recently saw someone who had done pink and white stripes. I would LOVE that.

    2. Usually water, coffee, tea, and soda so 4

    3. Beauty aisle

    4. I just bought an adorable switch plate cover.

    5. It's been way too long since I've had cotton candy.

  7. Ooh those are good questions. You have a very nice blog. New follower. Good answers.

  8. Yay glad you had fun answering :)


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