The D Word, by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

4 1/2 STARS!

ABOUT THE BOOK - Jordan Daniels and Elle Ryan thought their lives would become less complicated when they walked away from their respective relationships one year ago. But instead, they find themselves vying for a relationship with the same divorced man.

As a spiritual counselor, newly single mother Jordan Daniels makes her living predicting other people’s futures. If only she could foresee her own. A year after filing for divorce from her husband, Kevin, he seems to be the one moving on effortlessly, while Jordan still can’t bring herself to fill his old underwear drawer. But it’s not until Jordan’s polar opposite, Elle steals Kevin’s heart, that Jordan becomes convinced she’ll be replaced both as a wife and a mother to her five-year-old son, Max.

When Elle met Kevin, the last thing she wanted was another relationship. Especially not with a man with baggage-she already had enough of her own. She left her fiancĂ©, Chase right before their wedding to avoid the imminent D word, something she’s convinced runs in her family like a disease. But a year later, she’s no closer to becoming less skeptical about marriage. And despite her attachment to Kevin and his son, when Elle sees just how far Jordan’s willing to go to win Kevin back, Elle starts to question if she should have left Chase in the first place.

In The D Word you’ll walk in the shoes of Jordan and Elle as they discover that sometimes you’re not that different from the person who makes you feel the most insecure.

MY REVIEW - I loved this book! I liked their other book - "I'll Have Who She's Having" but I liked this one even better!
I could connect with it right away, having had a divorce myself. I loved the Main Character - Jordan. I could really relate to her. She was selfish, and mean at times but I still loved her personality. I mean how many of us have not been a brat a few times?
Elle, the other female I could not relate to so much. I liked her just couldn't relate as much.
I don't know if either of the writers have been divorced (I don't think they have.) but they certainly did their research because it seemed very real to me!
I also LOVED that they threw in the little twist of the paranormal with Jordan being a "Psychic" being able to predict other people’s futures. This made the book all the better for me, so much more fun!

These are a few of my favorite lines -
"Trying to explain complicated adult issues to someone who thinks SpongeBob should run for President is exhausting. Kids think in Black and white, and this has been a year of gray."
And this one I can totally relate to -
"I guess I never realized how much of my identity was tied up in being Kevin's wife and Max's mother."
Those of us who are married with kids know how true that is.
And last -
"I've been married for ten years, and I've always said that staying happy in your marriage is one of the hardest jobs you'll ever have. And once you start thinking the grass is greener, like my sister did, its impossible to recover."
There are so many great quotes in this book, I could go on forever. But then you'd have no reason to read the book. Just do yourself a favor and get this book.

Thank you, thank you Liz and Lisa, again, for putting out another great book! You have made a fan in me! Visit their great blog - HERE

And thank you Crystal from - BookSparksPR for sending me an e-book copy of this to review!


  1. sounds like an interesting read. Have a great vacation.

  2. Thanks so much for the great review!!! xoxo, Liz & Lisa

  3. I hope your vacation is wonderful.

  4. I miss your reviews! Hope you had an awesome vacation =)

  5. I liked this one as well. It's hard to believe it was written by two authors. I look forward to more from Liz and Lisa.


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