Book winner!

The winner of the book - Forgotten, by Cat Patrick is -
Ashley Amanda of Fictionista

She was lucky #8. I had to not count a couple entries because they did not answer the question I had. In future giveaways please read the rules carefully!
The whole story is about being able to tell the future and what to do with it, decisions, decisions!  
Here are a couple of your answers -

Looking back there is one relationship that if I had known the outcome in advance I would have run - screaming all the way - for my life!!! Lessons were learned but I could have done without all the damage control that took years to repair.

Some situations you can learn so much from and grow so much from that it would be bad to skip them...even if they are painful. Others which are really just a waste of time (a bad movie, dead end job etc) I'd say skip away!!

I would definitely stop and move on. It would be depressing to know that something wasn't going to work out. For me, hope is what keeps me going. So without that, I would have to stop whatever it is.

Regarding relationships I tend to get very paranoid about it being "right." I have a hard time enjoying the moment because I am so focused on if it is going to work out in the future. I think if I knew what the future would hold, I couldn't help myself but meddle. I always tell my mom, I wish there was some kind of gaurentee... some way that I would know if  my current boyfriend and I will be together truly forever. If I had a glimpse of the future would I have still entered the relationship knowing it wouldn't work? I honestly don't think I would have. I love David and we've had amazing times together, but I think if I went into the relationship knowing it would fail, the rest would just be pointless for me. In a way, tainted. 


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