Wall to Wall Books (am I seeing double?)


A few days ago I received a comment from "Wall to Wall Books" I did a double take - did I comment on my own blog? No, not that I remember. This comment was from a different Wall to Wall Books (without the dashes)!

Here is the comment she left, incase you missed it -

"Hello! I am also Wall to Wall Books without the dash! I love your blog and your little book worm. I have copied your link to post on my site. If you are so inclined, you may add me to yours. I am walltowallbooks.com at http://walltowallbook.com. I sell new and used books, mostly craft and reference. Your blog came up in a Bing search for my store. So nice to see your excellent pictures, information and comments. I'll be following you. God Bless. Marie"

I think this is awesome! I visited her site and it is a great little used book store, how fitting. I think a book blogger and a book store can co-exist with the same name - what do you think?

On the left side of her site is my button with a nice link to my blog! Go check it out! In return I am putting a link to her site on the right sidebar of my blog (again, check it out)

I will have to talk Marie into doing something together in the future!


  1. I just love both of the stores.. I wish you both much luck ...

  2. This is such a cool thing, and it's really cool that the two of you are going to help each other along and coexist so peacefully out here in the book world! Great post!

  3. How weird. I love the "no relation" you put under the button.

  4. How cool to have the same name.
    Her store looks neat...lots of different things. A big assortment.

  5. That's very cool! Especially that she reacted so positively and immediately connected with you.

  6. Lol. That's pretty cool. I'm sure you can both do just fine out there on e big ole Internet!


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