Weekly Geeks: Readers Bill of Rights

Weekly Geeks 2011-25: Readers Bill of Rights

Are you familiar with Daniel Pennac's Reader's Bill of Rights?
The first time I saw these was on a bookmark at the library quite a few years ago. I loved it!
So here they are and my comments to them.

1. The right to not read.

Yeah, like this would ever happen!!
2. The right to skip pages.

I only skip pages in a non-fiction book if they do not pertain to me. I read fast or skim but do not usually skip whole pages.
3. The right to not finish.

Now this is a right I exercise often and freely! I firmly believe there are far too many books out there to waste time reading one you are not enjoying! Drop it and move on!
4. The right to reread.

There are a few books I would love to reread, but I usually don't (same reason as above).
5. The right to read anything.

Freedom of read! Love it. Yeah I am a lover of Chick-Lit... so what? I'll read what I like!
6. The right to escapism.

Reading is totally escapism for me. That is why I love reading books that take place on beaches and in states I would like to visit, just so I can feel like I am there without buying the ticket.
7. The right to read anywhere.

And I do! In the car, in the coffee shop, at the Dentist, on vacation, on airplanes, on my porch, I have even been known to read through my favorite shows (that's what DVR is for!)
8. The right to browse.

I'm not sure if this means bookstores or browse books? Hmm well i do both. I browse throught my books all the tie, I just looking st them!
9. The right to read out loud.

Ha! I do this all the time. I read parts to my husband that are funny, I read parts to my daughter that are sad...
10. The right not to defend your tastes.

Seriously, why did I feel the need to defend Chick-Lit above? 

Let me know what you think. 


  1. haha totally agree! Got The Last Little Blue Envelope today! Thank you sooo much! :D

  2. I love these and think that they should be displayed prominently in all bookstores and libraries!

  3. I'm with you, I'm horrible at rereading.

  4. Hey Wendy! It's so eerie, I was just thinking I had visit and drop a few lines on your blog and BAM!, there's a comment from you. I love N.C., too! Can't wait for the new movie. I love Daniel's Readers Bill of Rights, he is so spot on and funny. Thx for always being such a great bud. I've been a bit crazy this week because of Hurricane Irene, and I see she plans on being in your neck of the woods, keep safe.

    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous



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