12 hours down!!! Can you believe it?

We are half way done! Its going fast.
Ok I have a little problem I thought yo might be able to help me with...
My daughter is not receiving any comments on her blog :-(
I know! Sad right? So PLEASE hop on over to her blog and give her some wake up RATy love!
She resides at - Fictionista


Books - Green Witch
- DONE! (135 pages)
Last Little Blue Envelope - DONE! (280 pages)
The Girl Who Chased The Moon - DONE (269 pages)
Reading - "Manifest" by Artist Arthur
On page - 24
Pages read so far- 708
Breaks -1 hr. 50 min.
Time reading -10 hrs. 10 min.

I loved Green Witch! 5 STARS!!!!!
I am also loving Blue Envelope! Loved it!! 5 STARS!
Loved, loved  The Girl Who Chased The Moon!!! 5 STARS!!!!!


  1. I can't believe we are at the half way point (well passed it). Happy Reading!! You are so productive!!

  2. Three 5-star reads: what a fantastic read-a-thon you're having! (And what a great problem to have, that you mentioned in your last update, having so many snacks that you're not sure which to pick. Hope it was a good one!)

    Happy read-a-thon-ing!
    (I'm cheering for you from Team Trix)

  3. You're really pulling ahead of me now...I'm at 500 pages :)

  4. Jenn I'm only at 302! But I have an excuse, I started late!

  5. Hard to believe so many hours have passed already. You really lucked out with the 5 star reads today.