15 hours done already!

LOL that always happens to  me! As the night progresses my typing gets worse!
You can tell how tired I am by my typing!

I am getting tired now!
I had some great peach punch, yummy! Might have to get some munchies, mmm maybe Oreos!


Books - Green Witch
- DONE! (135 pages)
Last Little Blue Envelope - DONE! (280 pages)
The Girl Who Chased The Moon - DONE (269 pages)
Reading - "Manifest" by Artist Arthur
On page - 168
Pages read so far- 852
Breaks -2 hr. 40 min. (talked to the hubby on the phone for a few minutes)
Time reading -12 hrs. 55 min.

I loved Green Witch! 5 STARS!!!!!
I am also loving Blue Envelope! Loved it!! 5 STARS!
Loved, loved  The Girl Who Chased The Moon!!! 5 STARS!!!!!

I have been so lucky to pick some really great books! I love all three books I first read.
Now this one I am reading is kinda dumb. Not terrible just not great.


  1. I haven't heard of Green Witch of the one you are reading now...

    Oreos rule!

  2. Yum...Oreos... You're lucky to have read 3 books in a row that you loved! My eyes are also getting a little tired, so I think I'll switch to an audiobook for a little while (but stay sitting up so I don't get lulled to sleep by the voice!)

  3. Oreos! That sounds so good. You always have the best snacks. I'm out of snacks but it is definitely been a positive for my productivity.


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