Cover Art

Now that I am "Friends" with a few Authors I know that Authors do not choose their own covers. Some of them might get to approve the cover but some do not even get that much.
BUT... that does not stop me from being a huge fan of cover artwork.
I will very willingly admit that I do in fact choose a book by its cover. Does that make me a bad girl? Well if it does then you are all guilty bad girls too! LOL Who hasn't picked up a book simply because the cover was beautiful? Or turned down a book because you didn't like the cover? Seriously, be honest!

Here are some of my favorite covers of books that I have read -
Aren't they pretty? 
Some I like because they are beautiful, some because they are just simple. 
What are some of your favorite covers. Give me a title and I'll look them up!


  1. I do pick or not pick a book by its cover...Can't think of at the moment.
    You have some neat ones there, I really like the Alice Hoffman ones. They look intriguing. I also like the Barbara Bretton one too.

  2. Don't laugh but I WISH the authors did chose their own art. I think that it would help me to stop picking books I'm not going to like. When I look at a cover (or sometimes even read the synopsis) I get a vibe of how the book is going to flow. Because of this I've picked some books that I end up not liking -- & have probably missed a great many I would have enjoyed. If the author had more say in their cover I think that more of the story line would flow through and maybe I'd chose books better suited to my tastes more often.

    That being said... I absolutely LOVE to look at the covers!!

  3. Yes! Gina - I totally agree! I am sure that I have missed a few great books because of poor cover choices.
    And sometimes the cover has NOTHING to do with the book! LOL

  4. RJB - Hoffman covers are always interesting to say the least! You should read her book, you would love them!
    Also - B. Bretton's covers are all beautiful! I had a hard time choosing which one to display!

  5. I sometimes choose a book based on the cover, but since I buy a lot of e-books, I don't often get the chance to stare at them for long periods of time. I love the cover for The Map of Time. It has a very dark ambiance about it.

  6. I see you love snowy glovey mittens covers like me :)

    I love the paperback and hardcover of the Girl Who Chased the Moon.

  7. These are all pretty. I love covers as well. I have definitely chosen books for their covers and it's certainly what will grab my interest first. now with eBooks I don't see as many which is really kind of sad. Oh, I have to say that Alice Hoffman always has the coolest covers.

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