End of hr #7


Books - Green Witch
Last Little Blue Envelope - DONE! (280 pages)
Reading - "The Girl Who Chased The Moon" by Sarah Addison Allen
On page - 76
Pages read so far- 491
Breaks -55 min.
Time reading -6 hrs. 35 min.

I loved Green Witch! 5 STARS!!!!!
I am also loving Blue Envelope! Loved it!! 5 STARS!
The Girl Who Chased The Moon - Great so far! Can this one is gonna be a 5 starer too!

The Daughter just arrived. She had to work today! UGH the nerve of those people, making her work on the RAT day!

The mother-in-law came over and read for a while. She was reading "On Her Own" by Wanda E Brunstetter. She read 116 pages while she was here.


  1. fabulous that you're enjoying your books so much, must make it easier to continue.

    And love that your family is taking part with you.

  2. Fabulous that your family is involved! Over 400 pages already - wow!

  3. How fun is that?! That's so nice your family is taking part in the RAT too =D

  4. Girl Who Chased the Moon is so good. That is so awesome that everyone is joining in like that. It makes it so much more fun.


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