The read-a-thon is coming!
The read-a-thon is coming!
The read-a-thon is coming!

If you have not signed up, you can do so by using the picture link on the right.

When - Oct. 22 - for the east coast - 8:00am Sat. the 22 through 8:00am Sun. the 23.
Where - Your very own house! Your livingroom, your kitchen, your home office, where ever you want to read! But don't get too comfortable - you might fall asleep.
Who - Who ever likes to read and is crazy enough about books that they think they can actually stay awake and read for 24 hr. straight! Does this mean you?
How - Sign up by using the link on the right. Get a list of books ready, then start collecting your books.
At 8:00 am, start reading and don't stop till the next day! Its that simple!

Other things to do ahead of time - 
1. Plan your books - I get  my books all ready sitting by my reading chair. I have already read the backs so I know what they are about so I can choose and I already have the first one right on top.
I actually get my list of books ready weeks ahead of time.
2. Plan your food - This is very important! and something a lot of people forget. I go shopping a few days ahead and get easy things to munch on that will help keep me awake. M&M's, Veggie tray (make ahead!) Nachos and dip, Shuhi, Trail mixes, just to name a few.
And drinks - Coffree, Iced tea, fruit juice.
3. Plan your space - I get my laptop set up on a tray next to my reading chair, I get a notebook and pencil so I can write down when I take my breaks and keep track of when I read and when I blog. Yes, I seriously keep track of all of this, I do not cheat at all!
4. Plan your alone time - GET RID OF THE HUBBY!!!! This is very important. Ship him off to a friends, to his parents, to a hotel room! LOL whatever it takes! You will not be able to do this to its fullest if he is in the house! Take it from me - this is my 6th time doing this. My hubby knows this is serious business. He works in PA so he is away from home a lot anyway, but during the RAT I just tell him - "Honey, just stay in PA this weekend, ok?"

Things to help you -
I find that doing this with another person is the BEST! My daughter and I have done this together almost everytime (2 times she had to leave early to go to work, now she just takes the day off! LOL) You keep each other awake! When one goes to the bathroom , the other can read out loud so you don't loose read time! I'm tellin you - we are professionals! So - find a friend that wants to do this too.
Choosing the right books - Under no circumstances do you want to choose long boring books! They will put you to sleep on a good day! Choose Short, fun, easy reading books. YA books work very well. I choose almost all YA books and all under 300 pages!

Next post - I will be posting my book list.
Let me know if you are doing the RAT, I will put your blog in my RAT folder so I can visit you and cheer you on. Also please let me know if any of this was helpful to you.


  1. LOL - great advice. I am going to be a cheerleader this year for a few hours as I have company coming that day. I know, bad planning.

  2. I am hoping to join this time around, but I am going to have to make sure my schedule is blank for that time! So glad you will be participating!

  3. I read the word nacho's and because you wrote that I have to agree with anything else you wrote in this post.

    HI WENDY ;)

  4. Yaaaay, it's almost RAT time!!!!

    I'm really slacking on my book list prep, maybe I will try to knock that out today!

    I loved the line about getting rid of the hubby....so true!!

  5. I would LOVE to do the read-a-thon but I have some stuff I gotta do that weekend :(

    I'll be stopping by to cheer you on along the way though!


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