Read-a-thon!!!!! & Contest!!!!!

All right everyone, the read-a-thon is tomorrow. Who is signed up and ready to go and who is not? Are you cheerleading? Do you have a contest? Let me know what you are doing?

 Tips on how to stay awake in the weeeee hours of the night.
1. Change your sitting position - good for another 10 min. at least.
2. Get up and change chairs and sitting position - good for 20 min.
3. Either brush your teeth and/or wash your face vigorously - good for 30 min.
4. Eat something yummy or chocolatey - good for 20 - 30 min.
5. Yell at your co-reader for them to WAKE UP! - usually only good for 5 - 10 min.
6. Get up and stretch or do a simple exercise -  good for 20 min.
7. Text a friend in PA that is also doing the RAT and see if she is still awake - good for 10 min.
8. Put toothpicks in your eyelids - doesn't work, only painful. Put toothpicks in your co-reader's eyes? Haven't thought of that one! That's probably good for a few min., but you'll be laughing not reading.
9.Taking a quick 10 min. nap - maybe good for 20 - 30 min.
10. Giving up and just going to bed! - good for 0 more min!

Snacks I plan on having - 
1. Brownies for the middle of the night (thanks to Jen@Random)
2. Cheese & crackers
3. Trail mix and/or Chex mix
4. Nachos
5. Veggie tray with ranch dip
6. Sushi
7. Chocolate covers pretzels couldn't find, bought Oreos instead!
Coffee, iced tea, juice

Things NOT to do during the RAT -
1. Sleep, duh!
2. Drink wine (it'll put you to sleep faster than a boring book!)
3. Drink too much coffee - you'll have a "high" than a real low and fall asleep
4. Read really long books - No - "Gone with the Wind" as much as I love it!
5 Read really boring books - No - "Dr. Zhivago" snore city!
6. Get really comfortable - do not sit in your best recliner! They are made for sleeping.
7. Lie down, Never, NEVER lie down except in the first 2 hrs!!!
8. Eat nice warm comfort food - no Mac&cheese, no turkey! Sleep food.
9. Watch TV, um, you are suppose to be reading!
10. Clean house, cook dinner, tend to the hubby, get groceries, do laundry, This is your day off of these things, NO WORK - just READ!

And finally, pictures of my beautiful books -
(these are the ones that came in from the library, along with a few eBooks)

How many of these lovely books do I plan on reading, 4 - 5.       The past RATs I have read 4 1/2 books - every time! This year I am going for a full 5!

My first and second book I will read -
1. "The Green Witch" by Alice Hoffman (love her!)!!! I am sooo excited about this one. I read "The Green Angel" a few months ago and it was sooo Amazing! It is short and quick and a good way to get one book done.
2. "The Last Little Blue Envelope" - Again I read the first one - "13 Little Blue Envelopes" and I loved it!

After that - what ever tickles my fancy at the time! My friend Jen said she had - "Blond with a Wand" so maybe we can read that at the same time??? Jen? What do ya think?

Contest!!!!! - Yep I am doing an unplanned contest!
Who ever comments on my posts the most during the read-a-thon will win a real nice prize!
That does not mean 100 comments on only one post! So don't cheat! You can however comment twice on a few! I will count that. I try to post every hour - so that is aprox. 24 posts. So - if you want to win, you can comment 24 times plus throw in a few extras! If there is a tie, I will simply do a drawing. Everyone is eligible to win!  All my family, friends, RAT people (haha that sounds funny) non RAT people, anyone! Make sure at some point you give me your email address (not necessary everytime!!!) So good luck! And Starting Saturday  at 8:00 AM Eastern time - START commenting! At 8:00 Sun. sharp - the contest will end! I will add up the comments right then and there and choose a winner.



  1. I like number 8 on how to stay awake... but please don't combine it with number 5 if I should happen to fall asleep!

    yes, thank you Jen@Random for the brownie suggestion! All the snacks sound so good mom I can't wait!!!

    Things not to do... number 7... whoops. I always make that mistake!

  2. Love your lists! I'm also participating in the RAT.

  3. Lmao, love your lists!

    #7 Glad I’m at least good for 10 minutes, hahaha!!
    #8 LMAO!!!
    #10 DEFINITELY NOT ALLOWED!!! I’ll yell at you through text **thinks to self** or I’ll just send a flood of texts so your phone makes a whole lot of noise ;-)

    Sure, we can try to read Blonde with a Wand at the same time…I doubt I read as fast as you though being that you’re practically a speed reader!

    Interesting contest! That may become a distraction for me if I decide to ‘compete’

  4. This is my first readathon, so thanks for the tips! I may take some time out if I get restless to blog, but other than that, I will be reading till my eyes fall out!

  5. **thinks to self** wouldn't it be hard to read if your eyes fall out?!


  6. Good luck Wendy. I'll be by to cheer you on.

  7. Happy reading!!! Thanks for including us!

  8. Wendy, you deserve a prize for the best "Read-a-Thon Preparation Blog Post"! I also love your lists. And your books ARE beautiful! I mean - really - there are some gorgeous covers there. I just went to the store for snack items. Now I must vacuum and mop (because we all know you can't have a proper Read-a-Thon without clean floors). (?)

  9. I could never stay up 24hrs anymore...those days are long gone!!! Good luck and happy reading...I want to read the Green Witch soon...

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  10. Ps...Ashley, please don't do #'s 9 or 10 on the first list cuz your mom might decide to try #8(red)

  11. Great advice! I'll be cheering early in the am and later in the evening as we have company visiting.

  12. I stopped by from Jen's rhyming review, and I love the advice! I'll be joining in the Read-a-Thon for the first time, so hopefully I'll see you around! Not so sure about the no-sleep thing...

    Kate @ Epic (Chocolate) Fantasy

  13. Just putting my snackage items together, then I will be ready to go, too! These include fruit, a veggie plate, cheese and crackers, and trail mix - and possibly a small bag of chips. Drinks at the ready are tea (lots of it), Cherry Coke Zero, and Vitamin Water.

    I hope you enjoy your books! I almost went to the library and got The Green Angel after I read your blog post because I've been wanting to read something by Alice Hoffman. However, I got ahold of myself and said, "Self, you have FIFTEEN books in your stack, of which you might possibly read three. Don't be ridiculous!" Thanks for your reading suggestions. I'm not a big fan of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books, but I do like her other series.

    Hope you get a good night's sleep. I start at 6:00 a.m, so I'll be trying to hit the sack early. See you tomorrow!

  14. Whoohoo! Can't wait. I'm gotten my snacks together now as well. Be back tomorrow :)

  15. OREOS!!!! Omg please don't toothpick my eyes!!!


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