Blonde with a Wand (in Rhyme!)

My friend, Jen, from At Random challenged me to write a review all in rhyme.
Here is a link to hers - HERE

4 Stars
"Blonde with a wand"
from the series - "Babes on Brooms"

When you read this book
you'll find out what looms
in the mind and heart
of a cold witch who blooms.

When Anica finds out her date's a Jerk
She turns him into an old Tomcat.
But soon finds, she can't change him back
at first, she thinks - "Tit for Tat".

But as more time goes on
she realizes its more serious
Why her spell won't work
Its all very mysterious!

But for the worst - the spell
has taken away all her magic.
For the cat - life is bad
but her her - life is tragic!

After consulting some old friends
they soon find the key
to the 18th century spell
with all the mystery.

They each must give up something
Both "the cat" and "the Witch"
but they must figure it out on their own
only then will things go without a glitch.

With Love - all ends well
in this book with a Hex
To me - this book would have been perfect
if it weren't for all the SEX!

Now you all don't have to wonder why I don't have a poetry book out!!!
I am suppose to tag someone to be the next person to do this, so...
My daughter - Fictionista - tag, you're it!


  1. Hee,hee, I love this, and I think it's so creative! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you picked Blonde with a Wand! You did great!

    The ball is in your court Ashley:)

    Hehe, my word verification for this comment is bunnisms.

  3. That was seriously awesome and impressive. You go girl!


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