Christmas in July, in December!

christmas in july

I was going to do a "Christmas in July" reading challenge, reading only Christmas books in July. But all my traveling made that almost impossible! So now I have decided to do it in December, how fitting, huh? Actually reading Christmas books in Dec!

So here's the challenge -
*During the month of December to read only  Christmas books (or as many as you can) there is no set number as to how many Christmas books you have to read. Read at least one and post about it.
*To do giveaways involving Christmas books (I have quite a few planned!) Please do at least one Christmas book giveaway for the challenge.

My first giveaway - is any Christmas book from Amazon under $10.00 - I will have it shipped to your house! You have till Nov. 30th to sign up.
Winner will be chosen and announced on Dec. 1st.
And Reading Challenge will begin Dec. 1st.
*This giveaway is for Bloggers only!
*Any Blogger who signs up to do "Christmas in July, in Dec.", and posts about it with a link back to me, will be entered!

Please use the Linky to sign up.
Now I have never used this before so, I hope it works!


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  2. I did something like this last year. All of December was solely Christmas. I'm going to try to do the same this year. *fingers crossed* So count me in :)

  3. The first time I tried it asked for a description :) It worked better this time.

  4. I'm in but you should join me too!

  5. This sounds like a great challenge, and I will be avidly following your participation in it!

  6. I'm in. Love Christmas reading!

  7. Lookie, lookie! I joined up!! Yay! Lol :)

  8. Hi there! Thanks for signing up for The Christmas Spirit challenge. I'll be back with my link as soon as I get my post together...I haven't even signed up for my own challenge yet. LOL!

  9. Interesting challenge, I'm In...
    I love to read and this doesnt look like it would be difficult to do. thanks for sharing this.
    Paula O
    Paulas Thoughts

  10. I'm in! I've already a few Christmas books (got a jump start), but this should be a fun, relaxing way to read through December! Thanks for hosting!!!

  11. Here's my post: